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    RESOURCE: A list of games with homosexuality in them

    I think this was my main question and you phrased it better than I did. Thanks for taking the time to explain.
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    RESOURCE: A list of games with homosexuality in them

    I am genuinely curious as to why we would need a list like this. As a dude who was raised with in a secular mindset and wasn't really sheltered from anything I just don't understand. Could someone explain? I just wanna make super sure that this doesn't come off as hostility. I am not good at...
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    This game is an alpha so I can't recommend it but I am enjoying it for what it is. I'm a bit ashamed of myself for actually buying an Early Access and especially for buying 2 copies. Is anyone else playing? What do you think of it?
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    Windows 8... lol

    I agree and disagree. I think alot of people (mostly gamers) hate on it without having tried it. But I also think that microsoft made a product with an interface for tablets and for non-gamer users and tried to market it to gamers that already had a wonderful OS for gaming. But this has also...
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    [Wanting To Buy] Computer case and power supply

    Please don't. xP Charity and being single is the only way I can justify upgrading as often as I do. :P Besides, they're not that nice and you do alot for the rest of us. Out of curiosity, though, can I ask what you're building? :) I love building as much as playing.
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    [Wanting To Buy] Computer case and power supply

    I'm replacing both of those components. I have a this and a this. If they fit with what you're looking for you can have them for the cost to ship. They'll just sit in the closet otherwise. EDIT: But I can't ship them until my new parts are here. (hopefully by the 20th)
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    Thanksgiving 2013

    I'm thankful for my best friend and their family. I've never had someone give so much for so little. I hope/am determined to repay the kindness and be as good a person as they are one day. I'm also thankful for my father. He spent Thanksgiving with me today and it was awesome.
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    ToJ Server Whitelist

    Name as appears on ToJ Roster: AMorrii Minecraft User Name: _Hedghog_ Real Life First Name (optional): Adam Age Group (under 16; 17-20; 21-35; 36+): 17-20 Do you belong to another TOJ Chapter (if so, please list): Left4dead, TeamFortress2 How did you hear about TOJ Minecraft?: Heard about it here.
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    Kick Out The Jams! Enjoy, friend.
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    Game sales

    I've wanted to try this. I've heard that it's the best LV426 game and it's not even an LV426 game. Does anyone know if you can play with bots instead of people?
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    Coming Games You Are Looking Forward to Playing

    I enjoy trying to think clearly under pressure. For me that's more exciting than any digits of guns or swords or loot-fests. Frictional makes horror games that focus more on tension built by frantic problem solving rather than grotesque violence. The penumbra games were the same way...
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    FOOD AGAIN!!!!!!

    Avocados. I also like raw mushrooms even though those are fungus. I'm just kind of judging it by whether I'd eat it on a salad or not. :P
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    Coming Games You Are Looking Forward to Playing

    Speaking of MMOs, Star Citizen. I don't know how I forgot to mention that before. Also, A Machine for Pigs.
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    Reading material on how to pray?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll start with the Practice of the Presence of God because it's free and I only allow myself to buy books once a month. I'll add the others to my wishlist. I'm not sure that knowing what to say is my problem. I think my problem is that when I pray my words are...
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    Reading material on how to pray?

    I'm looking for some reading material on how to pray. It's not something I do much and I'm not very good at it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    "You have extra copies of Dota 2 to give away!"

    I have a copy. All I want is for someone to take it.
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    Coming Games You Are Looking Forward to Playing

    HL2-EP3, Dark Souls 2, Kitaru, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher 3. I'm not sure that I'm going to care about multiplayer games again until UT4(if/when) or HL2 Deathmatch 2(also if/when)