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  1. Keero

    [Request] Safe return to America on 8/11

    Hey guys! I'm requesting a quick prayer for my flight back from Japan to America. Going through Korea and Seattle before arriving in Alaska. It's going to be about 30 hours or so, just praying for a safe trip and all. Thanks! :D
  2. Keero

    Any L5R CCG players?

    I got into the game last semester after a few of my buddies showed me it. I currently play the Unicorn clan, used to focus on Tacticians with some Calvary out of The Kirin's Path so I could learn the game, but now I'm going a minor switch deck Battle Maidens/Paragons with Plains of the Maiden as...
  3. Keero

    Game Update 1.3: Allies coming June 26th!

    Though there will be some changes when it launches, the current PTS notes can be found here: Click~. Or if you want a general overview: Click~. Cannot wait! :D
  4. Keero

    I think I have a major problem with SWTOR

    Having not played since February, I forgot how much fun it was to use a lighstaber on my DPS Juggernaut. Makes me want to hold off on my Trooper until I hit 50. With both storylines being pretty cool, this is a huge problem to me, I can't decide what to play. :p So far I'm digging the Match to...
  5. Keero

    Guild Wars 2 doubts

    First off, not trying to hate on the game or persuade anyone to cancel their pre-order and give Runescape a shot, just voicing my opinion of the game from what I've seen in beta. I'm sure it's going to be a great game, but these are just some things that have been bugging me. As always, feel...
  6. Keero


    Was fun, thanks for the month of good times, Redeemed. ^__^)_b ...Kinda deleted all my toons and sent my extra gold to a buddy. Now that I tried everything I wanted to in WoW, uninstalled and moving onto my other games. Also finals are in two weeks soooo~
  7. Keero

    Picking a RDPS for the SoR trial

    Here's my dilemma: I prefer RDPS classes in most MMOs (rolled a Bounty Hunter in SWTOR, Engineer in WAR), but I can't decide what RDPS I want in WoW. I already have a level 85 Shaman from when I played last spring, but I prefer Restoration over the Elemental tree. Elemental was good for PVE, but...
  8. Keero

    1.1 Patch Notes

    Found here: Or if you don't mind a lack of formatting... Looks like a good start so far! :D
  9. Keero

    Leaving WoW for SWTOR? Read this A good read that should help ease you into SWTOR. :D
  10. Keero

    A TOR Christmas

    "Twas the week before Swtor, when all through the house Not a keyboard was moving, not even a mouse. The pringles were stored in the cupboard with care, Soon we will gorge them playing the game from Bioware.* The fanbois were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of Twileks danced...
  11. Keero

    Any plans for a game night?

    Wanna stomp some dudes as a squad. :p
  12. Keero

    Really itching to play

    Trying to knock out all my assignments before Thanksgiving because I know my weekend will be devoted towards the beta. Are we still wanting to roll Republic again but this time try out a different class? If so, dibs on Trooper. <3 [And to think, I thought this game would be another WoW-clone. A...
  13. Keero

    Caspian Border rocks

    That is all. <3
  14. Keero

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    It's incredible so far. :D Playing a mix of melee takedowns and pistols. Forgoing most stealth/hacking options, but I do like taking alternate routes for those sick melee kills. Can't wait for the x-ray vision and Icarus landing system. Anyone else playing this?
  15. Keero

    Anyone else for Red Ochestra 2?

    Was considering getting the game, mainly because I like the setting and the previews so far have showed some pretty awesome mechanics. While it looks similar to DOD:S, it appears to be much deeper. Tripwire has a pretty generous discount right now (10% for general pre-order, 20% off if you own...
  16. Keero

    7/27 Patch Notes (free retcon tokens too!)

    Pretty good changes over all. Going to have to check out a TK character now.
  17. Keero

    Attempted Suicide

    Please pray for my friend Riley, he made a post over at CCGR commenting about his attempt just tonight. Thanks guys.
  18. Keero

    Hero Gallery: Post your creations!

    I'm not going first though. :p Feel free to comment and give some kudos to those you guys like. Get posting, gogogogo!
  19. Keero

    Heaven's Embrace: General Information

    - What is Heaven's Embrace? - Heaven's Embrace is Tribe of Judah's Champions Online Super Group. - Who's in charge? - Keero is the SG Leader, Officers are TBA. In-game handle is "@Keerosene" if you need to contact for invite purposes. - What's Champions Online? - Copy and paste because...
  20. Keero

    Guess I'm playing SC2 again

    Thanks a lot, Bowser. :/