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    Monday LoL nite?

    I have class until 9:20 pm EST after that sure!
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    Favorite TV shows?!

    Sports Night Battlestar Galactica Burn Notice West Wing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
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    EVE is in flames

    I have two EVE accounts...I want to sell em or something...I just dont have time for it's meta game!
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    League of Legends summoner names

    Jason! COME BACK!!! It will be fun!
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    Everybody on board...

    might buy nidalee...dont own her she 6300 ip?
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    I keep telling Tek, Morg is a carry! :P Janc, I really recommend playing a tanky character! It is how i eventually learned what is over extending and what isnt....which is by far the most important skill in this game!
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    It's finally here!

    I am totally up for loads of fun and frustration! I can play tank, jungle, support...can also play carries but prefer not to ;)
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    League of Legends summoner names

    Add Durdi! He is an LoJ guy who wants to start playing ranked games and with more christians....I told em about ToJ's new chapter! I will make sure to refer him to the site etc :)
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    Why Haters gonna Hate on Mostly_Harmless.....s

    Buying defensive items > Boots! One suppress and you die! :P
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    Fun class picky picky

    Sentinel seems to fit me best :)
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    We <3 TF2 n00bs

    I will definitely be trying this out! I have always wondered what the fuss is about but was never willing to dish out cash for it lol []Belemrys I guess will be my name...I have to change it
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    I am about to quit EVE...I have two active accounts and to do anything requires time and lots of effort...which I don't mind if I didnt get more instant gratification from other games like MTG 2012 and League of Legends...MMO's are about the people not the game and unless people are all excited...
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    LotR guild

    I am in LoJ on Brandywine!
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    LoL IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

    LoL team or BLC team? If you are looking to make a LoL team I would be up for it...I been playing a good amount of ranked games :)
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    Bloodline Champions?

    If I did play I would be Harbinger :) He was a lot of fun in beta...although he might have been nerfed...Danny?
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    LoL IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

    I played BLC in beta and it was fun...but anyhow my time off LoL has led me back to EVE Online...although last night I played 4 ranked solo queue games with a friend and was able to get myself out of ELO hell....4 wins baby :)
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    This is EVE's Future

    Yeah, EVE takes time! I have two 15 mil sp the other 11mil....been playing for a year and only JUST getting into Battleships lol... One character does ECM and covert stuff in general and my other char is all about big guns and bit ships lol Well if you are looking to get into...
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    This is EVE's Future

    I didn't know ToJ had an EVE Online guild...I joined EVE because of LoJ...I currently started to actively play again...moving all my stuff back to 0.0 to my old corp...such a pain in the but moving stuff into low sec for a jump carrier! Although I am having fun in 0.0....doing missions, running...