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  1. Pabmeister

    Guild Wars: Nightfall

    sundering? thats like vampiric but sucky. It would be so much more with something cooler than sundering on it. I don't have nightfall yet but y'all should add me to your GW friends, acct = Sir Pabmeister see you on the flip side :P
  2. Pabmeister

    New CS Co-Leader

    Congrats. If you need more adminpower you know who's allways willing :P
  3. Pabmeister


    i'm alive and playing cs everyday. starcraft too
  4. Pabmeister

    Going to court.

    Some driving incident. Thankfully, the Jetta wasn't hurt, but my lisence may be *poofing* Lets hope it doesn't.
  5. Pabmeister

    Hey everyone.

    I play aoe3. I have it anyways. If you want to play a few rounds catch me on Xfire or MSN. pabmeistertaipan
  6. Pabmeister

    CS:1.6 players post here

    bleh. Well...4 hours after my triumphant return to Christian CS it seems the server died. Guess its karma or something? :P
  7. Pabmeister

    CS:1.6 players post here

    Pabby is back. You can find me on the ToJ Temp Server.
  8. Pabmeister

    Server yes or no?

    I'm in the same post as DeadAim. I though the chapter was dead! :( But, knowing it isnt, i'm back on cs. Come get some. <3 pabby edit : Oh, and while you're writing up an admin list ... ;) *see siggy*
  9. Pabmeister

    Server down

    Boo. Thanks for all your hard work Talon, sorry to hear about this.
  10. Pabmeister

    Admin challenge is back!

    * Puts "no-reg!" nob to 11 * (ohhh "Spinal Tap" reference right there, I win for sure) Come get some. If y'all can hit me :P Just remeber to stay outta my crosshairs.
  11. Pabmeister

    fun night?

    Once a week would be cooler.
  12. Pabmeister

    how good/bad are you

  13. Pabmeister


    What about this guy. "Hey, hillbillies! Look at my new SUV! This baby so huge if I crash into your puny pickup, you get flat like pancake." He's the only reason I would ever watch that stuipid show :P
  14. Pabmeister


    I'ts all about the FIRST Red Alert and Starcraft :P Who needs fancy graphics when you've got solid gameplay?
  15. Pabmeister


    So does my new siggie. c-c-checkitout!
  16. Pabmeister


    You can get pocky at the " Real Canadian Superstore!!!1111 " in the asian food section. Kinda tasty, I must admit. As for the green milk, i was totaly unaware of its existance.
  17. Pabmeister

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Ragging on someones spelling allways feels good, eh? It's okay. At least I can make spelling mistakes in four languages :)
  18. Pabmeister

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    "ftw" can't possibly stand for what I think it stands for, can it? Probably just my coulded mind at work.
  19. Pabmeister

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Thanks for clearning it up, talon =] Silent, if you noticed that little bit i'm sure you also noticed that I edited :) eta = Edited to add. In my origional post I had incorrectly spelt above, and as a joke for those who caught it before the edit or those who pieced it together. Thanks...
  20. Pabmeister

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    What's wrong with this picture? :O Is it ... A) Temporary isn't running customs? B) The temporary server is at capacity while the main is empty? C) Pab doesn't have enough favorites? D) All of the above? eta)pab can't spell above right the first time? You decide! Comon...