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  1. Pelagrin

    Need a portal 2 level tested

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone who has Portal 2 for Mac/PC might help test a chamber for me. Since I know the solution, I can't gauge how difficult it is or how long it takes to solve. Thanks!
  2. Pelagrin

    Happy Star Wars Day

    ...tomorrow. But I made a Star Wars themed Facebook timeline cover I thought I'd share. :) May the 4th be with you!
  3. Pelagrin


    I built a spleef arena tonight. I'm still polishing up a couple of things, but the main combat arena is done. Let's play sometime! Google search or YouTube search Spleef for specifics on what it is. Basically, 2+ people enter the arena and start hitting the blocks under them. Last...
  4. Pelagrin

    Infant salvation

    Here's a great response to the question, "where do babies go when they die?"
  5. Pelagrin

    1.8 released early
  6. Pelagrin

    Funny church signs, shirts, etc

    Thought I'd share a laugh.
  7. Pelagrin

    Interesting Article:
  8. Pelagrin

    some vids on youtube I enjoy

    Not sure if anyone here is familiar with The Lutheran Satire s on YouTube, but some of these videos crack me up: I also enjoy this guy's vids. He's a pastor. The videos are of a more serious nature and are biblically educational, but still...
  9. Pelagrin

    holy / prot pally

    Just wanted to say I'm available to join a raid group here if there's a need for a holy or prot pally.
  10. Pelagrin


    I moved my pally over last night and joined the guild. So now I'm hoping there will be some interested in 2v2, 3v3, and/or 5v5 arenas. My PVP spec is holy and I'm in full honor gear + a couple of conquest pieces -- I'm sitting at just under 4k honor. I think I do well healing arenas. My...
  11. Pelagrin

    hi again

    it's been a while since I've posted. Just wanted to say hi. :)
  12. Pelagrin

    New member looking for arena team

    oops...wrong forum. forgot there are two wow groups here.
  13. Pelagrin

    active guild?

    Hello. It's been a while since I posted on the CGAlliance forums. I used to be very active here. Originally I used the name Criostoir and then Tolkien. I have been playing wow actively on Stormrage (horde) for several years now. I have 4 85s (pally, mage, priest, rogue) and several...
  14. Pelagrin

    Tolkien --> Pelagrin

    Just FYI, I had my name changed from Tolkien to Pelagrin. Thanks Black Gravity
  15. Pelagrin

    Free will, or election?

    First of all, we do have free will. We are not robots and can choose stuff like: do I go to work today? do I get myself a coffee this morning? what will I wear today? etc. As a child, I was taught that I must choose Christ and ask him into my heart. I used to picture a tiny Jesus...
  16. Pelagrin


    I'm just curious what some of your views are on baptism. I was raised with one view, but had that shaken up a bit as I've learned a bit more about why other denominations believe what they believe. The church that I'm in now has a completely different view on it from how I was raised, and the...
  17. Pelagrin

    Favorite Christian podcasts

    I didn't see a list on CGA, but I thought I'd post my favorites. What do you listen to? Maybe if we can get this sticked if we get a good list together? Online...
  18. Pelagrin

    Moral Quiz

    One Question Test This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally. The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision. Remember your answer needs to be...
  19. Pelagrin

    win a box bag for that special someone

    My wife is having a giveaway on her blog. To enter, simply post a message under this post before midnight (central time) tonight. She will do the drawing sometime tomorrow (Saturday).
  20. Pelagrin

    happy thanksgiving deal

    Best Buy has the PC version of Orange Box for $25! (sorry Tek, I'm still not planning to pick it up)