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    this is awsome MUST READ!!!

    any way i was under the impression and from the feed back i got i launched the first Christian clan on ESO. i mean everyone asked "what r u doing" and stuff. now i found that 3 diffrent Christian clans are now formed. i think we got to worry to cause they r saying Christian clan. but accepting...
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    Which is better???

    on AOE3 which civilisation is better the British? French? Spanish? explain your explanation?
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    ok {SFC} is now SoCb for soldiers of Christ branch less confusing. thanks
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    }SoC{ Christian clan Branch

    Hello all i am }SoC{Aggie leader of the {SFC}. {SFC} is an AOE3 Christian clan and is directly affiliated with }SoC{. }SoC{ is a halo gameing clan and we have decided that its time to expand our mission field. People trying to get into {SFC} must get accepted into }SoC{ before becomeing {SFC}...