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    Invite Request - New To Sunrest

    Hi All!! My sister and I have been playing Rift casually since it came out. We started on a different server before I realized that we had a ToJ guild on Sunrest! We came from WoW (Madisson, Rebekkah, and my jillion alts) where Redeemed is our family! And I was waiting for the Char Transfer to...
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    Leaving WoW for a while (reporting to BCT)

    Hello Redeemed! I think after almost 4 years with this awesome guild, this is really only my 4th post total! :D And although I do not know everyone very well, I never felt "out of place" among my Christian brothers and sisters! And have had amazing, patient, and helpful guildies come to my...
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    Look forward to your return Blu! It's always a joy interacting with you! You are in our prayers! Cya soon!
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    Blubarry and Fiance Prayer request! (also a Pic of Blu and his Future Wife!!)

    Hi Nate, That's an awesome decision that you have made. My wife, Angie, and I made the same decision last year. Everyone has given awesome advice and I know it will help y'all on your journey to a beautiful future that God is building! It's so true that your fiancee also agrees with the...
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    Family and friends...

    Joining the fun! it's neat to see everyone! Putting names to faces... my turn (even tho i was s'pose to originally post pics of my wedding :eek:! We're going on 2 blissfully blessed years in July!) Angie & George George=Rebekkah, Erruhwynn, Madisson, etc... *wonders what happened to all...
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    Stonemaul Server to be Closed?? New Home for Redeemed?

    Whew Thanks for the clarification everyone!! I didn't know that WoW had separate server clusters(?) for the different regions, i just thought everyone was on the same set of servers! I didn't recall seeing them say they were Europe servers! Sorry for the false alarm!! REDEEMED ROX!:D
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    Stonemaul Server to be Closed?? New Home for Redeemed?

    Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!! :eek: A friend of mine just brought this to my attention. I searched our forums and couldn't find anything on it. Does anyone know if this is actually still going to happen or not? If i understand correctly, the Stonemaul server (1 among 4 servers)...
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    Cit's new avatar.... ROFL

    Isn't that the new alliance race with the next expansion?
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    My love story through His eyes This was completely inspired by God and although it doesn't include every little detail, it is still pretty long. My prayer is that it will bless others and help them realize that there is a God, a Savior, a Lord... Jesus Christ, who loves them beyond...