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  1. Fatkid

    New WoW X-pac Warlords of Dreanor Looks pretty kewl, but I'm surprised they announced a x-pac already with panda just being barely 1 year old. I was hoping they'd take their time and work on other projects considering the sales of Cata and MoP were down quite a bit in comparison to...
  2. Fatkid


    Hey guys: I found a great way to raid old content and complete certain achievements, it's an online community called OpenRaid. I was able to complete the Firelands and Dragon Soul meta achievements to get the Corrupted Firehawk and the Twilight Harbinger mounts. They have raids going on all...
  3. Fatkid

    Sandstone Drake

    Just curious, did anyone in Red ever get the recipe for the Sandstone drake? It's the mount where u transform into a flying drake and can carry a passenger and made from alchemy/archeology. I know alot of ppl moved on to different servers and/or quit the...
  4. Fatkid

    Hey Flame

    What is your battletag ID? I'm Goteeman#1836.
  5. Fatkid

    Floods in Calgary

    Just curious, anyone here from Gobby and Aves? They were former members of redeemed and guild leaders for a bit too. I hope they're ok in calgary. Plz remember them and the city of calgary in your prayers.
  6. Fatkid

    Patch 5.2 - Thunder King

    Just wondering, how's the new patch? Can we buy better gear with Justice/Valour points now?
  7. Fatkid

    V-Day Special Event

    Hi guys: When the Valetine's Day world event starts up, can someone let me know plz? Just post it here. I want to come back for a month for my Luvs Fool title. :D I know the Chinese New Year is probably going right now, but I would think the V-day one would be starting soon. Thanx.
  8. Fatkid

    Guild Social Nite/Outreach

    "Random Act of Kindness, Senseless Act of Beauty" Hi Officers and all guildies: I've been sitting on this idea for a Redeemed Social Nite/Guild Outreach for awhile and always thot about running it by u guys. Reading Brootis's post on fun guild activities kind of encouraged me to finally...
  9. Fatkid

    LK Instance

    I told some of u already. I have another LK instance. I'll probably extend this one. Let me know if you're interested. :)
  10. Fatkid

    Second Skin Trailer

    This is the movie our druid guildee (Omegajet?) told us out before: Movie - part 1: part 2: part 3...
  11. Fatkid

    Lich King

    Heya Guys and Officers: Just wanted to let you know, I have a toon saved to LK (Gongli). If any of u guys wanna take a crack @ him and get more pracitice on him, you're welcome to use my saved instance. The pug leader said he's done with it this week, so he doesn't mind if I try to bring a...
  12. Fatkid

    Boots of Kingly Upheaval

    Just curious, can anyone in guild make this? Boots of Kingly Upheaval And what's the price for a Primordial Saronite these days? Thanx.
  13. Fatkid

    WoW Video to Toby Mac Song
  14. Fatkid

    Just Wanted to Say

    Goodwone is our mother hen. :D
  15. Fatkid

    Love Video

    Amazing, check it out.
  16. Fatkid

    Wooot... John Piper!

    Wooot... got a chance to listen to John Piper speak live the other day. He was in my town and I heard u guys speak highly of him, so I had to go check him out. :) Anyways, he was talking about suffering and the christian life. He did a good job, he did a Q&A session with the audience after...
  17. Fatkid

    Thanx All for the Discussion

    Hi guys: Just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the discussion regarding Barrak's Health Bill. I respect all your opinions and I enjoy reading your thoughts on the issue. Everyone was very classy and expressed their thoughts in a respectful and gentle way. Anyways, if u follow...
  18. Fatkid

    World of Warcraft Movie

    Woot, talks of a Warcraft movie with Sam Raimi. If they made it look like Avatar, it would be the bomb My perfect cast: Arthas – Brad Pitt Illidan - Hugh Jackman Jaina Proudmoore –...
  19. Fatkid

    Vancouver 2010 Olympics

    Just curious, are you guys watching the olympics? If so, what'd u think so far? What did u think of the opening ceremonies? Americans did very well on Weds, 3 golds. Lindsay Vonn did the job. *rawr* Van is my hometown, so it's pretty crazy here. Just...
  20. Fatkid

    Warcraft: Ulduar Movie

    Check this out, pretty cool.