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  1. Bro.T

    Classic WOW

    So, I have been looking to see if any of the established christian WOW guilds are planning on forming a guild for Classic WOW and, so far, I can't find any indication that any of them are. It occurs to me that I may not find what I'm looking for (I have actually only seen one "family-friendly"...
  2. Bro.T

    What's the story??

    Legion is out and I don't see much of anything going on with Redeemed. I have been getting a number of inquiries from folks looking for a guild on a PVP server. I have done some research and every Christian WOW guild I have found that is still active is on a normal server. So, what's the story...
  3. Bro.T

    Erickson Interview
  4. Bro.T

    Stuff to read
  5. Bro.T

    PVP Warzone vid
  6. Bro.T

    Bounty Hunter Abilities Got this off the SOTOR site. Enjoy.
  7. Bro.T

    Multi Player video

    Any thoughts on the new multi player video?
  8. Bro.T

    Recruiting Thread on TOR forums

    Hey Grim, I have not seen a recruiting thread on the TOR forums for Redeemed. I may have just missed it but, if not, I highly recommend that you create one. This is the only christian guild that I know of that is planning on rolling on the Sith side (a couple are undecided as of yet) and I...
  9. Bro.T

    Will time fly?

    As we get ready to roll into June (I can't believe it's June already) I was thinking we are getting to the point that we should really start to see things pick up. The recent companion class reveal has gotten alot of buzz and I thought I'd see what ya'll thought about it. So, let's hear it...
  10. Bro.T

    Anyone playing Vanguard?

    I have been reading some positive re-reviews of Vanguard SOH. Anyone playing this game? If so, what server and are you in a decent guild?
  11. Bro.T

    3rd times a charm for DDO

    Hey all, I let everyone know what a great game DDO is! If you have not tried it or, you have tried it but not very extensively, I highly recommend you give it a go. I am basing this recommendation on the fact that it took me a couple of tried to really get hooked. I was in the original beta...
  12. Bro.T

    Saints of the Old Republic

    Greetings from Saints of the Old Republic. SOTOR is a Christian Guild based in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic online game. Our Guild will provide & focus on: 1. Honoring God 2. Structured Organization 3. A Christian & Large Family Atmosphere 4. A Friendly, Helpful Environment 5...
  13. Bro.T

    Reg TOC farm

    Hey! There are a few of us new 80's who are in need of some gear. I was wondering if a few of our wonderful guildies would be willing to set aside an evening to farm TOC like, a million times, so those of us who have just "arrived" can compete against you for those ever more competitive raid...
  14. Bro.T

    LOTRO Kinship or Players?

    Since we have never been able to get a LOTRO forum up and running, I was wondering how many LOTRO players we have. If you play, please respond with your char name, server, and kinship. I'm not just being nosey; I am in a small christian kinship on Landroval. Our kin leader has gone mia and we...
  15. Bro.T

    cya laters

    Well gang, I've to the point where I can no longer justify paying for 4 different game subscriptions. I've got 4 gaqmers in the house but only I play WH and I haven't been on enough to justify WH being the one to keep. Just a week ago I was telling myself that I would simply get on more...
  16. Bro.T

    Have you seen this???

    A guy from the KLR 650 motorcycle forums posted this. He claims it's actually his kid. I think it is awesome. And a little disturbing.
  17. Bro.T

    Star Trek Online

    Here's another upcoming MMO that I have my eye on.
  18. Bro.T

    Master Account Issue

    I am having a problem that, after some web research, alot of other people are having. Basically, the account manager will not recognize my master account name. It just keeps saying that it is invalid. I tried to re-create it and it says that account name is already in use. I tried to have it...
  19. Bro.T

    Shout Out

    I wanted to give a shout out to my Bro, FJ (Elihu). I appreciate how you are willing to stop what you are doing to help a brother out; the way you take the time in open RVR to try and explain how things work to new peeps; your willingness to sit at that mailbox for half an hour so someone will...
  20. Bro.T

    Try Em All!

    A recent vent discusion has got me to thinking about play styles. In that discussion, it was agreed upon that it is good for someone to know what they play style is; what works for them and what they excel at, and by the same token, to know which ones they stink at. I, for instance, have always...