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    I'm very sorry to say this but I must inform you guys that I am not going to be able to play anymore. I cannot control myself enough to keep gaming and do my respnsibilities in real life.  I need to cut it off. the Holy Spirit has beeen telling me to do this for a while but I have not been...
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    one should also note that ns 3.0 will be steam and you will not be able to play it on WON servers
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    Little help, if you please

    lol... It's hard to start with but if you stick with it its an AWESOME game. Basically its all about teamwork and listening to ppl who have been playing the game. when are you usually on? I can teach you some of the ropes and what not. (Disclaimer: However I am by no means an expert.)
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    Little help, if you please

    I don't know if it's just me but I haven't hadd nearly as much trouble with steam... Just luck or God's favor??? hmmmmmm....
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    Goose62 Highlight CS Video

    I think its kinda weird that the resolution should make any differencce but i guess ill try it
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    Tribe of Judah: Natural Selection sub-chapter site

    W00T W00T W00T!! Plank you are da man!!! ok now who exactly is running the NS chapter?
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    1. Randall Newman 2. Randog 3. Randog at cfaith dot com 4. 3217194 5. STEAM_0:0:1346979 6. Randog 7. AIM:Mastarandog8 EDIT: ICQ:221145539 8. Main
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    W00t Youth Camp

    This weekend My youth group, called Reality, will be going to youth camp. I would like you to pray for a safe trip up to the camp and returning. Pray that God would move mightily in the students' lives. Pray that no one gets hurt and that there aren't any arguements. Also that if there are...
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    ToJ Tag

    is there some other kind of FPS that i dont know about? or did you mean RTS?
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    Goose62 Highlight CS Video

    I didn't mean that you're not good... please don't take my post as an insult. I was only thinking of how blocky it is and that I think it looks better in higher resolutions. If you like it at lower resolutions, thats fine too. Personally I like the higher resolutions because it's less blocky...
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    Late News But still suprised it hasn't been posted

    Hey Cresh,  mebbe you and I should play together... we might be a good match  
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    Goose62 Highlight CS Video

    640x480..... LOL I just got a new video card so I'm running it 1600x1200 =^O
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    Official Tribe of Judah Steam account listing

    hehe Flash I'll be happy to teach you I've been playing for a while now... but only if you teach me to play CS... I'm TOTALLY nub at that although i may surprise ppl sometimes with my NS honed aiming skizillz oh shoot lol Randog
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    Seeking Natural Selection players...

    Hey Tek, sorry I haven't posted sooner, I'm not very good with checking the forums OM Gosh I'd LOVE to be in the tourney ooo plz add me, add me. what info do you or I need? I love NS Randog
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    The Thanksgiving Thread

    I'm thankful that I have a wonderful family and that He provides for me even when I don't recognize it. I am thankful that I serve a loving and ACTIVE God. Of course you can't forget the buddies :P I'm really thankful for the AWESOME food lol. Luv all ya guys C'ya around. Randog
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    Official Tribe of Judah Steam account listing

    Hey all, I usually only play NS but im gonna try cs for a while :P I just got into steam and am gonna try playing with you all. Handle: Randog email: Randog @ hope to see you on. Randog