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  1. Kyrel Ruth

    New LoE FB page!

    I see Stc made us a shiney new LoE page on Facebook! And of course I am shamelessly promoting it for personal gain *wink wink* But seriously this is cool, so check it out and 'like' it ^_^ .
  2. Kyrel Ruth

    2nd Dragon raffle ends 3/6/12

    We have another Celestial Dragon raffle thanks to our very own Reginator who donated it! Leave your name below if you did not get one this year. Will use to pick a winner on March 6, 2012. Good fortune to all entrants =)
  3. Kyrel Ruth

    Woooot!!! :D

    I am officially GWAMM! /cheers and a BIG thank you to all Guildies and Allies who helped me!!!! .
  4. Kyrel Ruth

    Anet asking for our help

    See here: Easy enough to do. I have done it, orry has, and prolly some others already. .
  5. Kyrel Ruth

    2012 Dragon mini contest

    SoE was given a free Dragon mini to give away from a very happy D77 member. If you didn't get the dragon this year and will put it in your HoM, sign up to be entered. Will randomly pick the winner on Monday Feb 13th. (I am also asking in ally chat all week) 1) Ragnarok Elf [WWJD] 2) Maragret...
  6. Kyrel Ruth

    Is this understandable?

    I read this, and wonder if you can read it--
  7. Kyrel Ruth

    Canthan New Year 2012

    It's that time again to check our CNY mule Abba has, and to get all the items need :) Lets make a list of what we need/have. .
  8. Kyrel Ruth


    WooT!! I am 50/50 now! 2 very special people in GW gave me a surprise of 29 zkeys to finish to r3! God is so good all the time even in video games ^_^ :D .
  9. Kyrel Ruth

    Want to trade

    Looking to trade party points for drunk points if anyone is interested :) .
  10. Kyrel Ruth

    "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger"

    There will be a webcast tomorrow 11.11.11 at 10 am eastern "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger" from Truth in Action. I'm def going to be there.
  11. Kyrel Ruth

    GW Halloween Grand Prize winner

    Awesome vid!! Grand Prize Winner 2011 .
  12. Kyrel Ruth

    8 Lessons from the life of Judas

    Eight Lessons from the life of Judas By Mark Driscoll This is part of a sermon transcript I thought would be beneficial to share, I know it blessed me. It's a long read, but its worth it. So grab a drink, turn off the TV, and selah. Eight Lessons from Judas How’s it going for...
  13. Kyrel Ruth

    The Radioactive Orchestra

    Found this on Fox News This is the link for the Radioactive Orchestra DIY Neat stuff! .
  14. Kyrel Ruth

    COR Radio on USTREAM

    HI! I ahve a friend who attends a different local church, and they have a ustream radio broadcast. On Tues evenings at 8 pm EST is a Live bible study with some very hard metal music played as well! Church on the Rock- COR Radio Tonight is about Loving the unloving, and it really hits...
  15. Kyrel Ruth

    Cool Geek wedding cakes

    Check these out 1337 cakes .
  16. Kyrel Ruth

    April Fool's Prank time

    Don't forget Anet doing their April Fools ingame prank at Midnight pacific, 3 am est!!
  17. Kyrel Ruth

    FoW Sat night event?

    Does anyone wanna go FoW tonight? AJ from LION wants to go to get his survivor char to Legendary tonight.
  18. Kyrel Ruth

    Derv skill update preview

    Here's a preview of the Derv update that will be coming: Looks amazing! .
  19. Kyrel Ruth

    Canthan New Year 2011

    Heads up for the CNY in couple weeks. Are we planning on sponsoring a dist this year? I have some items for it.. but need to make the list of what we need/have and get farming :)
  20. Kyrel Ruth

    Aion sig

    I added the Aion sig, and it said it updates every 24 hrs. Mine hasn't updated once yet. I am almost lvl 20 now. Should I go and remake it, and hope it updates? I couldn't get the Java to run for the character page to take a snapshot of my chars own face. Is the Java a reason it doesn't...