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    Post-Playing Game

    I was surfing when I came across a type of online game called a "Post-Playing game". All the rules and basic idea can be found below, but I was wondering if it would be cool to set one up here! It could be set in a Mythical Christian world and if it catches on we could have it's own history and...
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    Christian Clans for  Star Wars: Battlefront

    When I get the game I was wondering if anyone wanted to play?
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    A Game Card Question

    I'm going to buy Star Wars Battlefront for PC and was wondering if a game card would make any difference. I've got a Dell Desktop and all my games work fine except for Midnight Club 2 which is kinda slow. But I was wondering if MC2 is slow because of how big it is on the hard drive or if I...
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    Age Of Empires 2

    I was wondering if anyone here has Age of Empires 2 and wanted to play it online with me. I'm not the best, but I've tried lokking at 'The Zone', and not alot of friendly people there. So I was wondering if anyone here would play.
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    Who's Saviour?

    I read the review for Ninja Gaiden today and I bet your all thinking oh no he didn't like it either. Well I've had enough. Lots of people have said they're ticked off with the person that wrote the review but I'm not. Tolkien wrote what he thought about the game and I agree with him. But then...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront

    Lucasarts is coming out with this new online Star Wars game where you can be soldiers from the 5 movies. You fight others online on different planets. If anyone's interested we could have a clan here. If you've never heard of it go to the website at
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    GTA 5

    Just the other day I was at and saw an ad for GTA 5. It was supposed to be based in some Mexican sort of area? I didn't find anymore out but was wondering if anyone else has heard of it.
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    I've been looking at the freelancer website and stuff the last few days and considering buying it, but I was wondering if there's anyone here who plays it online. And if there's anyone here that actually knows if I should buy it. It looks like a tight game and I just cant decide!
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    Anyone heard of The Movies game?

    Has anyone here heard of or at least interested in The Movies game? It hasn't come out yet and it's being made in England. (My Home Country I'm so proud!) Anyway You run your own Film Company and make movies and stuff like that. Here's the web site, and I recommend it to all whom like making...
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    Left Behind?

    Now I don't want to offend anyone, but I've met some people that have read all the Left Behind books and believe that everything in them is going to come true. Now of course I believe in Revelation and the stuff that will happen, but do you think some people are kind of stretching the truth? God...
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    Create a hero

    Are any of you interested in RPG's? I know I'm not but there was this website I found a few weeks ago called the Hero Machine. They recommended it for RPG fans, because you can create your own hero with all this stuff. You can make almost any superhero thought of and out fit him with new weapons...
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    Eternal War game

    I read a review at, it was about the eternal war game and the guy that wrote it said he recommended it to people 15 and up?! I tried downloading the demo but when I opened it, the screen went black and nothing happened. He said it was too scary for younger kids and there...
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    Midnight Club 2

    I'm new and I wanted to write a review for MC2 but I have no idea how, could someone help me somehow?