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    Edge of the Mists If you haven't seen it yet, ANet is getting ready to test their WvW overflow system. It's a map where you can go to WvW while waiting in you queue for one of the four main WvW maps. It will spawn overflow...
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    Gear Management?

    I'm looking for gear management tricks. Anyone have tips? I'm getting more and more characters fully geared at 80, and realizing I need multiple gear sets to really use them to their fullness. My Guardian has a Soldier's set for WvW and "tanky" situations, and Zerker for running around the...
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    Anime Titles

    After the guild missions on Thursday night a discussion of Anime broke out on TS. I think it evolved from dragon bash>dragon ball>Dragon Ball Z>anime titles. I wish I'd taken notes. :D I love Miyazaki movies, and have seen Akira, but that's the extent of my exposure to Anime. I've always...
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    So, Guild Mission Train this Saturday

    I overheard chatter about doing a bunch of missions this Saturday. Is this official? Is there a start time?
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    State of the Game

    So ANet just did a state of the game with Guru. Reddit summary is here. Gives us a sneak peak at what next weeks patch notes may contain for class balance. A couple of big things: Mesmer - WvW is now going to have confusion damage like PvP instead of PvE, so it's going to do a lot less...
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    I wanted to let everyone know that I really appreciate all of you. I had a great time last Friday doing the guild mission followed by my first dungeon runs. It is a blessing to be able to have fun in a fantasy world with a bunch of kind, supportive believers, especially with how unusually...
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    Salvaging, Ectos, and Money

    One of the things I see frequently is the statement that one of the main ways people make money at endgame is by salvaging rares for ectos, then selling the ectos and upgrades on the TP. I had several Black Lion Trading Kits around (though mostly from my first toon, don't seem to get them any...
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    Ascalon Catacombs

    So I still haven't managed to get into a dungeon yet, and was thinking I'd like to try this weekend, possibly before/after the guild event. Anyone up for teaching Ascalon Catacombs to a newbie? How long does a run take? Would it be possible to get one in between 7:30 eastern and the start...
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    Plans for a guild event this week?

    As the title says, are there any plans for a Bounty or other guild event this week? If we don't have someone willing to coordinate a T3 Bounty, maybe we could plan to have an officer kick off a T1 (which shouldn't need pre-scouting) at some predetermined time just to give everyone a chance at...
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    Earning Influence

    After playing the game since launch and largely ignoring influence, I decided I should really read up on it, because I had a few questions. According to the wiki: 1. You earn influence for the guild just by logging on. This influence is per character, with a max of five per 24 hours. So...
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    Father-in-law's surgery tomorrow

    Sorry about the double post, but I didn't even realize there was a general prayer request thread until just recently, and you guys are the people I actually know out of CGA, so I wanted to make sure to get this to you. Especially after so many of you have been praying for my wife and I after...
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    Father-in-law's surgery tomorrow

    My wife and I just found out her dad's heart surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray that the surgery will go well, that he will heal quickly, and that most importantly, he has an encounter with the Lord. My wife and her mom also need prayer for courage, comfort and peace...
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    Car Accident

    My wife, two kids, a friend and her kid were in a serious car accident yesterday. All three kids are miraculously unharmed. My wife has fractured clavicle, ribs, pelvis. All will heal with time but it's painful to breathe or move. Our friend is stable, but even more seriously hurt with...
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    Building my first rig

    I'm very excited. Finally got enough saved up to buy all the parts for a new computer. They're due to arrive accross this week. I've been playing on an overheating laptop slightly below minimum specs, which has worked out okay, except for in big zerg events like WvW and dragon fights where...
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    Consumables and WvW

    I recently discovered that recipes for group food (trays of, feasts of) can be put together in the Mystic Forge. I've been thinking about working on getting a few together, and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea what would be most useful for the guild for WvW or other events. I...
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    So how are the Tixx dungeons?

    Had a blast with the jumping puzzle last night (and throwing snowballs while waiting), so now I'm wondering how the airship dungeons are. I've never done a dungeon before, and am a little skittish about them, because I gather they generally require some precision to complete. How hard are...
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    Temples in Orr

    I was wondering what the experience of those of you who have been 80 for a while has been with the temples in Orr. I hit 80, and realized I've got enough Karma to buy three of the exotic pieces I need from the temple vendors. I also read that on some servers the temples are never available...
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    WvW Server Rankings

    ANet now has server rankings posted at the top of the officialy WvW forum.
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    Hey, all. I ran across a thread on Guru in the Ele forums talking about utilizing Combos to maximize the Ele's potential. I created a spreadsheet listing all of the Ele skills that can be part of a combo, so I can organize it by weapon, or combo type to get an idea of how to use and build...
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    Cool to be Gaming with all of You

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed talking with everyone in TS last night while we waited for the game to start and during those first few hours of enjoying launch. I'm glad to be part of LoE, and looking forward to getting to know you all and gaming together.