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    Heroes of the Storm!!

    The game will officially launch on June 2nd. Also, I have 8 beta invites I can send out to my friends now if anyone is interested! Please just let me know!
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    Fun computer math triva/facts

    Lately I've been studying a lot about cryptography and computer science, and I'd like to share some interesting things I've learned with you. I'm going to provide several examples and demonstrations that are theoretical but are based on real-world applications; they should be accurate to an...
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    Heroes of the Storm Alpha Invite

    Hi all, Blizzard announced they are randomly picking Heroes of the Storm Alpha players and will be inviting everyone on their RealID or BattleTag friends list. I'm in the Alpha and have been enjoying the game so far, so if you're interested and not on my friend's list let me know and I can add...
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    StarCraft II and Heart of the Swarm on Sale for $20
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    Streaming Music Contest Almost Live!

    Visit my channel to find out more! About half of the music on the playlist is Christian.... But also I should give a disclaimer that some of the songs are labeled as explicit. But.. if you hear the songs and find out they're explicit you'll probably laugh...
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    Good things

    Please enjoy
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    Kings Fest Newsboys Photos

    The concert was amazing! Enjoy! Kings Fest by LifeArchived, on Flickr Kings Fest by LifeArchived, on Flickr Kings Fest by LifeArchived, on Flickr Kings Fest by LifeArchived, on Flickr Kings Fest by LifeArchived, on Flickr Kings Fest by LifeArchived, on Flickr
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    Praise: Work and Life Involvement

    God has been working very directly in my life on literally a daily basis. I mean that I can see things happening that I know only came from God. God's been working on me in a direct and powerful way since February 2013 when I moved to Colorado. I stayed with a wonderful Christian family...
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    StarCraft Game Night

    What day would you like to do a game night? We'd be playing both custom and ladder-style matches. :) :)
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    Redbull #BattlegroundsNYC this weekend!

    The games started yesterday, but we're approaching the finals! Tweet #battlegroundsNYC
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    Scarlett vs sOs!! This is going to be so exciting!

    Is anyone else watching the Redbull NYC Battlegrounds?
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    Reaper of Souls is really, really awesome

    I'm in the closed beta, and there's no NDA. I have a stream, and also I like to talk about all of the many changes with Diablo III on teamspeak with friends. If you guys have any questions or just want to hang out let me know! As an important side note, my primary computer is kaput for...
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    I wonder if tombstone was the first bromance
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    StarCraft II 50% off for back to school month You should totally get this game if you haven't already.
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    Question on Scripture; John

    In John 12:31 is : 31 Jesus says, Later in John 18:32 when Jesus is before Pilot, Pilot says to the Jews who brought Jesus to be executed, At first I was stumped by these two verses. I didn't understand what they were getting at. But the answer is painfully obvious; Jesus' death was 1...
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    Recommend Classic Movies

    Recommend some of your favorite and in your opinion the best made movies. They can be from any era, any budget, even any language. Heat (1995) I'm watching Heat right now, and I have to say this movie is one of the very best ever made. The audio effects and cinematography are some of the...
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    ToJ / CGA Server Hosting Q?

    Hi guys, Fairly soon I'll have the means to possibly host servers for the group. I'll have an extra PC, a fairly fast internet rated at 50Mbp down / 25Mbp up per second, and a cool / clean place to store it. Basically I'm getting a place with a friend from church and we want to turn it into...
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    America's Army

    There's a new America's Army out and it just entered open beta. It's completely free to play, and so far is a whole lot of fun. I first heard of it through Force Strategy Gaming - So far I've been fairly impressed with the game and community...
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    What are your favorite arcade games? I've been playing a lot of Nexus Wars lately. It's highly addicting :)
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    Diablo III Hardcore Tips - How to Avoid Death

    I die like it's my job. I create a character, die, then create another one, and then die. Of the 16 hardcore characters I've created, 9 of them have died, the most recent was a level 54 yesterday. My profile: The fact of life (in Diablo...