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    Thief Dungeon/WvW Build (Kryle Odalyn)

    A few people have asked me about my thief build so I wanted to link it here.|8.1g.h2.8.1c.h1.0.0.0|5.1c.h4.0.0.0|1c.a1.1g.a1.1c.a1.1g.a1.1c.a1.1g.a1|2s.0.2s.0.3s.0.2s.0.3s.0.2s.0|0.u36c.u56b.a1.0|2e.1|57.5h.5d.5b.0|e This is the best...
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    Guardian DPS/Support Build (Kryle Joseph Odalyn)

    I'm creating this for those interested in a 1-handed weapon/dps guardian build that still provides support. I run in pretty regular groups and 90% of the time as the only guardian. I lean towards DPS but still want to provide a lot of support/util to my groups. NOTE: This build paired with...