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    Hey everyone, just figured i'd stop by and see how everyone's doing. I had been hoping to have a good wvw matchup between HoD and Rall, but you've risen too fast and we have fallen in rankings so fast that we leapfrogged each other. Nice to see youre rising through the ranks and hope you get a...
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    Some add'l info on Guild size

    For those who haven't seen, Arenanet did a massive Q&A session on reddit yesterday. One thing mentioned about Guild size: The new max guild size will be larger than the 100 cap in GW1. The exact max number was not given out. Additionally, the size cap will not be immediately fillable: there...
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    preorder april 10th!!!
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    wintersday 2010

    A random mmo site released a bit of a teaser last night about wintersday: first, it starts today sometime (12/16), and second, Lyssa and Balthazar will join in the festivities along with the traditional Grenth and Dwayna. For those of the costume-purchasing ilk, Lyssa and Balth-themed costumes...
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    request for alliance event?

    Not sure how to go about requesting these, but there are a few areas snake_eyes and I would like to try to get through to get some of those lovely statues in the hom ;-). Is the alliance planning any runs through: Underworld Urgoz Kanaxai Finishing up domain of anguish Personally, I...
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    Just wanted to say Hi

    Hi everyone, Saw your website and that you had a Guild Wars group. While I'm already in another guild with a couple college friends, I thought I'd toss my name over here. I am a former christian clan leader in Counter-Strike, but moved away from it after getting burned out trying to...