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  1. Maddmedic

    5 Years

    Request was made for me to repost this in the Prayer/Praise Forum. My Praise!:) 5 years what, some are asking and who is this MaddMedic dude that stumbles in here every so often? Well somedood whom was a member of both ToJ and 7Seals(or something like that!) so long ago. Anyhow 5 years...
  2. Maddmedic

    5 Years..

    5 years what, some are asking and who is this MaddMedic:confused: dude that stumbles in here every so often? Well somedood whom was a member of both ToJ and 7Seals(or something like that!) so long ago. Anyhow 5 years ago my wife finished her last treatment for cancer and yesterday her MD gave...
  3. Maddmedic

    Heh..An old dude from a while ago visits

    /shuffle shuffle shuffle /knock knock /creak "well lookee!! ToJ, CGA and what not, still fighting the good fight! Still around they are!! Good job Tek!!!! /slam /shuffle shuffle shuffle
  4. Maddmedic

    Just a game to pass on.

    rebelplanetcreations Know nothing about this, just happen to meet some of the people involved through a Men's Retreat I attended this week end.
  5. Maddmedic

    Christian Persecution

    A few reasons to be thankful for and to keep fighting for our right to worship !! BURMA (Christian Freedom International) Christian Freedom International received a report yesterday that the Full Gospel Assembly, a fast-growing church movement in the Kyauktada Township of Rangoon, Myanmar...
  6. Maddmedic

    Your thoughts Wondering the thoughts of all the students here on this article ?
  7. Maddmedic

    New kid

    My son ( Of MaddMedic-long time member of ToJ) Has purchased GW. I would really like for him to find a good group to game with. So if some one could contact me @ with the info he needs I would appreciate it and yes I am very cautious with him being online. In fact...
  8. Maddmedic

    Christian Family Ambushed in Nigeria

    From You can find more on this by doing an online search. Howard Dean should read this since he recently stated the Republican Party (aka The Chrisitan Party per Dean)was made up of rich white people whom never did an honest days work or some such nonsense. Pardon me if I...
  9. Maddmedic

    Race for the Cure

    As some of you may recall my wife is under going chemo for breast cancer. She has 3 treatments remaining and outlook is good. Sunday we walked with 20 plus friends and relatives along with 50,000 other folks at the Mall of America raising funds for research. It was humbling and awe inspiring...
  10. Maddmedic

    What the heck ?

    The following are quotes and bits of information from American Family Association Which I follow closely. "Candidates With Deeply Held Christian Beliefs Are Unfit and Disqualified From Serving As A Federal Judge." - New York Senator Charles Schumer On May 1, 2004, in a Senate Judiciary...
  11. Maddmedic

    New Chemo

    Please say a prayer for my wife Kathy today as she starts her (hopefully) final round of chemo. A 6 dose treatment every other week of Taxol Its a 3 hour IV drip with an hour of pre meds to help fight the side effects.... I am somewhat concerned about the side effects...
  12. Maddmedic

    What are your thoughts ?

    Court Throws Out Death Penalty from Bible-reading Jurors 03/29/2005 Religion Desk - 651-631-5000 DENVER (AP) _ Colorado's Supreme Court has thrown out a convicted killer's death sentence because jurors consulted the Bible during deliberations. The court said the Bible passages...
  13. Maddmedic

    OldSkool ToJer's

    Some of you may remember a few names mentioned here. I know Tek will and Elihu and Eltolad is they are still around. Sure brought back some memories here... :)
  14. Maddmedic


    Is he sincere about this though ? Founding Member of Rock Band Korn Leaves to Follow Jesus 02/24/2005 Religion Desk - 651-631-5000 BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) _ A founding member of the heavy metal band Korn is leaving the group after becoming a Christian. A statement on the band's...
  15. Maddmedic

    PC Hospital

    So our church is having a benefit for my wife and two other gals that are undergoing cancer treatment. Poster Here. In the ER at the hospital I work for, one of these posters was posted in the main work area for nurses and MDs. Today when I stopped in it was gone. I asked one of the nurses about...
  16. Maddmedic


    Do we have any Halo players amongst us ? My son wishes to play Halo online and I have reservations about doing so. Unless I can find some decent places and folk to play with. Servers ?
  17. Maddmedic

    Prayer Requests

    I know I am a very intermittant member of this group but some of you know me. We have just been informed my wife has cancer, it is a very treatable form and we seem to have caught it early enough. Hopefully all will be fine but any extra prayers you may have will be appreciated Gals get you...
  18. Maddmedic


    Have an 11 year old soon to be 12 whom wants a GameCube for his birthday. I told him if he takes money I know he'll get from Grandparents I will if anyone has one they wish to move for a good price please let me know... Thanks
  19. Maddmedic

    email down ? Nevermind
  20. Maddmedic

    Video Capture and Editing

    Has anyone here worked with video capture and editing? I am looking at Pinnacle and Adaptec products as I have many years of analog 8mm tapes full of family and extended family events. From Church plays to HS football to graduations. Would like to transfer to CD. Are there any video cards that...