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  1. Wizard Bihuq

    Scouting Mission Complete, God Bless

    It seems that I'm being recalled by my Guild Leader for a job well done. It was nice staying with SoE, but I still consider HsC home in my heart. Will miss you guys, but feel free to add me to friends and I'll play with you. I will stay somewhat active on these forums as you are my friends...
  2. Wizard Bihuq

    Wizard might be getting a job *gasp*

    Well, I had an interview over the phone with Epic, a company who develops and maintains medical software, primarily database software, two Fridays ago, and they invited me to chilly WI for an on-site interview. This interview is on Wednesday and I'm being flown up on Tuesday, so it's exciting...
  3. Wizard Bihuq

    Urgoz Warren attempt Sat 29 August

    Since I know some of you picked up the Urgoz boss bounty and it has been suggested to do the elite areas more often, let's go to Urgoz Warren this weekend! Meet at the HsC guild hall by 7:30 pm EDT this Saturday. If you want to join us, let us know here. We have plenty of scrolls to get you...
  4. Wizard Bihuq

    Alliance Events for June and July?

    Hi, I've been on hiatus for a while and went for weeks barely logging into GW, but now that I'm finally settled at my summer researching gig at UWyo, I might (we like doing things together on the weekends) be able to pull things together to get events organized again. First I'll ask if...
  5. Wizard Bihuq

    March 28 Event: Underworld

    After the success of Urgoz Warren, several allies mentioned doing Underworld next. So, I'm putting it out on table now so people can plan ahead. I'll probably be running an obby tank build, which can solo one side of four horseman pretty well. Any other thoughts or ideas can be posted as...
  6. Wizard Bihuq

    March 21 Event: VQing The Eternal Grove

    This coming weekend, being the third weekend, is time for another vanquish. We'll be heading into the explorable area of the Eternal Grove, leaving from Vasburg Armory. Meeting at HsC guild hall at 7:45 EDT as usual. Hope to see you there.
  7. Wizard Bihuq

    March 14 Event: Urgoz Warren NM -- Take 2

    Well, there was a lot of interest in this event so we are going head there again this weekend. Similar plans to last time. Meet at the HsC GH at 7:45 pm EST on Saturday. (Sorry for the late notification and lack of info this time, I'm on break ^_^")
  8. Wizard Bihuq

    March 7 Event: Vanquishing Mourning Veil Falls

    Time to switch campaigns. Diana and I felt that we shouldn't stick in one campaign for too long to be fair for those who don't have or unlocked hard mode in all of the campaigns. So, since we recently attempted Urgoz Warren and plan to do so in another week, I figure in the mean while we can...
  9. Wizard Bihuq

    February 28 Alliance Event - Urgoz Warren NM

    Details Here: Hope to see you there :)
  10. Wizard Bihuq

    February 28 Event - Urgoz Warren NM

    Well, Nothern Shiverpeaks are vanquished! Next stop, Factions! What better way to start then the Elite mission? Make sure to bring lockpicks due to the double lucky points and the chance to gain the ever popular zodiac weapons. There are twelve-person parties there, though only 8 can go on...
  11. Wizard Bihuq

    February 14th Event Ideas

    Any ideas or requests for the February 14th Event? Ideas would include elite missions/areas like the Fissure of Woe, the Underworld, Sorrow's Furnace, Slaver's Exile (not Duncan, just one of dungeons prior to the end), The Deep, Urgoz Warren. Maybe one of the challenge missions from Factions...
  12. Wizard Bihuq

    January 31 and February 7 Events

    Yes, I know how I said we'd be doing vanquishings on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of each month and other events on the 2nd and 4th Saturday. I also know that we vanquished this past Saturday (the fourth Saturday). Well, funny (not real) story, I had originally planned that we were going to...
  13. Wizard Bihuq

    January 24 Alliance Event

    As Diana might not be around this coming Saturday and I'm still learning how to do some of the elite areas, I propose that until someone else has a better idea, we continue with the vanquishing of the Northen Shiverpeaks. If we follow the same pattern as the first vanquishing (alphabetically by...