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  1. TheRaven

    GW1 Night

    Ok, so a lot of folks have posted here saying they have picked up the original game and are playing, so I figured it would be nice to have a Guild Wars 1 night. I'll be in Guild Wars on Wednesday evening and I'll be available to answer all your questions, help with missions, free minis...
  2. TheRaven

    The Real Reason Blackgate hates Us
  3. TheRaven

    Funny Chats

    Post funny chats that you've come across in your travels. Hey Ursen! Do you know this guy?
  4. TheRaven

    A challenge

    And you thought the vistas were hard :eek:
  5. TheRaven

    Processor locked?

    Ok, dumb question of the day. I keep hearing that GW2 is "processor locked". What exactly does that mean? I get the impression it means our graphics cards don't matter, but they will when the game launches for real. I've also heard it means that the game doesn't use the graphics card at...
  6. TheRaven


    So, crafting is one of the things I've been excited about trying, but so far I haven't gotten anything to work. Any tips? I'm trying to create bronze ingots at a weaponsmithing station. I have both copper and tin in my inventory, about 20 of each but when I click on the crafting station...
  7. TheRaven


    Is there anyone available to help on teamspeak. None of us have ban privileges and the trolls are out tonight.
  8. TheRaven

    teamspeak woes yet again

    So, it seems that we've lost our admin powers to kick people and we've been under attack from trolls all night here. Can anything be done?????? Dannymeister from League of Legends has been helping us out tonight but I would really love some permanent powers at least in the GW channels.
  9. TheRaven


    We need help on teamspeak. I know i've asked before but this is turning into a major problem for us that play Guild Wars. We have trolls that invade our channels and no one that plays has admin permissions to kick.
  10. TheRaven

    Need Prayer

    Guys, I'm really really scared about this weekend. There's a nasty hurricane that's due to make a direct strike in my area. They're already saying this could be the worst storm for our area in our lifetime. My house isn't in the best of shape now and we have a lot of trees in our yard...
  11. TheRaven

    Just because I can....

    Uploaded with
  12. TheRaven


    YES!!!!! It's now possible without dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new Pre Quests. .....among other stuff.....
  13. TheRaven

    need help on ts

    We need some help on ts. There are troublemakers on the server kicking everyone that tries to connect. I don't think there are any GW players that are admins anymore.
  14. TheRaven

    Account stolen

    My account was stolen today. I got an auto-email from NCSoft that someone reset my password. I can no longer access the account and I'm pretty sure once I get it back that all my stuff will be gone. I took a break today and didn't play at all. I wish I had now. Perhaps I could have caught...
  15. TheRaven

    Tuesday Night Vanquishing

    So since we're all working on titles and HoM stuff, I thought it would be nice to set up a regular event night for Vanquishing. If you've never vanquished before or just feel overwhelmed trying to clear an area with just your heroes then this event is for you. Unlike the more challenging...
  16. TheRaven

    So, you need some help?

    I've been wanting to post something like this for a while now so here goes...... We are lucky to be in a really nice friendly Alliance. If someone needs help with a build or a mission there are usually folks around that can help. Some of us have been around for awhile and can offer advice...
  17. TheRaven

    Friday Night Event

    We had a good turnout last Friday so how about we do it again? I'm up for just about anything, majority rules. What should we do Friday and what can you bring to the event? I'd like to start at 8pm EST on Friday. Please come with your build ready to roll. Also Eric Greenleif from WWJD...
  18. TheRaven

    Events for Elite Areas

    I know there has been a lot of interest in clearing some of the Elite areas for HoM statues. I have all the statues but I would love to clear some of these areas again just for fun and loot. However it has proven difficult in the past to organize for this. We have folks on the forums that...
  19. TheRaven

    Teamspeak servers

    Hi there. Is there anyone besides STC that can help set up the teamspeak server? I think he's the only GW player that can do it and i know he's off until Tuesday. The servers are currently offline.