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    Global Agenda NDA Lifted

    I <3 it. Discuss.
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    TF2 just $2.49 Get it now (if you haven't already).
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    Anyone want an extra Half Life 2?

    I Have had an extra HL2 gift since I purchased the orange box awhile ago. Does anyone want the copy?* * Only existing CGA members will receive it
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    Planned Obsolecense as a Consumer

    This is something that I thought about several months ago but never really bothered to do any research. Basically I was thinking about how as a business/consumer people generally plan when they are going to upgrade/replace/etc their machines/computers/etc. Lets assume the generic consumer...
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    Pointless Polls: Hardrives

    Often times the most overlooked component is one that can leave you with a vast turmoil in your emotional sea when you suddenly hear the dreaded noise of click, click, grinddd. Unfortunately hard drives are often times overlooked as they don't really do much for your machine from a processing...
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    FPS oh how I hate ye

    Probably the most abused genre out there currently is first person gaming. It has gotten so far outside the norm of reality that it makes me almost want to cringe in annoyance when I want to play a game. The annoyances: It is almost always completely unrealistic: You can turn...
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    left4dead 50% off

    Steam has Left 4 Dead at 50% off.
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    Weird pattern

    I wrote a fibinacci generator earlier because I was too lazy to look for a decent list on google. Anyway I discovered a rather interesting pattern... It is rather interesting as the first character (going to two characters when it goes over) in each cell goes up going down the column...
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    Fireworks VS Photoshop

    While Photoshop is nice, costing at over 600 dollars does not exactly make it cost effective for the average person. Fireworks has much of the needed feature set, while also offering slightly more. This is basically my interest into the comparisons between them and the problems of each...
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    Stupid teacher, stupid school

    Hello, I recently got an incomplete by a teacher who failed to grade all my assignments that were turned in. Needless to say I was a little pissed. Now 3 weeks after sending an email she finally responds, asking me to turn in the project again. The problem is the homework was all turned in...
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    Stupidest AI you have seen?

    Ok, we all know the AI tend to be rather dumb in games. Some more then others, some would even qualify for the darwin awards several multitudes over if they were a living being. But sometimes it is rather funny to see the results of their actions. The Vegas 2 pile up:
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    George W. Bush faces impeachment

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    Should VK get more infractions?

    I only have 3 infractions on my account. This is horrible. I mean how can I not be breaking laws left and right, that is plain boring.
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    Technology: been there, done that.

    Recently I have been bored out of my mind with computers, particularly in the hardware field. There is nothing massively interesting besides companies trying to throw out slightly better trash for consumers to scoop up like dogs from the floor. The entire market is dominated by x86 processors...
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    Tips for Project Managment. [For Slackers]

    A small list of observations I have picked up: 1) Realize that your work has value. Even if it seems like a completely worthless piece of junk you would rather be rid of. Chances are someone somewhere will want it. 2) Do a little work often. Often times we tend to delay until the last...
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    Are you satisfied with your computer?

    The question is: are you satisfied with your computer and if not why. My guess is that a majority of users have some irk with their current system and would like to beef it up. This is mostly a hardware related issue and not software, but overall satisfaction can be dependent upon OS.
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    Ughh, I think I need my eyes checked

    Hmm, I think this is rather disturbing but I ended up making my theme like this. Purple and pink o0
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    Google takes on renewable energy

    linkspam Interesting method, question is: can you really make "renewable" energy cheap?
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    Fedora 8: a short review

    After work Monday I decided to wipe fedora 7 from my system and install the new release. For awhile I had wanted to install the 64bit version but was deterred by incompatibilities with the 32bit necessities (mainly flash and binary games). Backing up data: Since I have my /home directory...