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  1. Sev-RC1207

    Killzone 3 Open Beta

    Im a huge fan of Killzone2 so i KNOW im gona love Killzone3, add me guys and invite me to the clan bro ;)
  2. Sev-RC1207

    11 PSN games 50% off today (Jan. 25)

    Ill have to check out our UK PSN store and see what sales we have......
  3. Sev-RC1207

    PS3 Gamers

    ok, Thanks Tek7.
  4. Sev-RC1207

    PS3 Gamers

    Hello everyone:) im new with CGA, im playing Modern Warfare 2 & BlackOps a lot on the PS3. my PSN id is Sev-RC1207, i noticed that there is a lot of PC gamers so if you play PS3 than add me please guys:) also my XBOX Gamertag is KnightOwl1207