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    Domain of Anguish 15th of April

    So, is there interest in some sort of activity involving the Domain of Anguish on the 15th at around 8:30 pm EDT? Because if so, we're planning a trip.
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    Hello there

    Hello, I've pre-ordered RIFT and I'm wondering if I may join you. I am a member of ToJ. The client is currently downloading so I am not sure what my character's name will be yet, if there are any classes/roles you need covered let me know and I can make a character of that class.
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    War in Kryta Survey They want to know what people thought of War in Kryta and they're using the information to decide the next part of the Guild Wars Beyond content.
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    It's So Easy

    Complete Welcome to the Jungle on Hard without letting the Protoss seal and gas. How exactly does one manage to do it? I heard Reaper suicide rush squads to snipe Probes works, but it didn't seem to when I tried it.
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    The Best Defense...

    Destroy 4 Zerg Hatcheries in the "Zero Hour" mission on Hard difficulty. Anyone have any tips for completing that achievement?
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    Well, it appears that you can get minis from the Royal gifts, and Peacekeepers and the War in Kryta versions of the White Mantle DROP minis.
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    War in Kryta Speculation

    We know where the Shining Blade's base of operations is in Talmark Wilderness, but what about the White Mantle. Given that there are White Mantle forts in Watchtower Coast, along with an incredibly high concentration of Peacekeepers and White Mantle elites(what I am calling the War in Kryta...
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    Story Advances

    Apparently now, according to the wiki, there is a new area in Talmark Wilderness Also, Lieutenant Thackery's and Gwen's storyline has advanced. Probably will develop into more for the GW 5th anniversary.
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    Underworld - January 16

    HOLY/HsC are planning a trip to the Underworld on the sixteenth of January and we'd like to invite you folks along, post here if interested and pm me in game on Me Orry Me when the time comes at 7:30pm EST on Saturday, we'll be planning to start at 8pm. Personally I'll be coming on my Mesmer.
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    New UW Rewards Someone on Guru posted that he cleared UW and beat Dhuum. Appearantly there are new drops including some Dhuum greens and UW mini's. By the way, their build isn't quite the same as the old UWSC build, but it is still fast.
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    Alliance Event for the 17th of October-The Deep

    We will be doing The Deep for the alliance event this weekend, must be level 20 and have access to Cavalon. We will be meeting at 8:00 EDT in the [HsC] Guild Hall.
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    SoE TS now moderated?

    When I logged in to TS to attend the weekly bible study, I discovered I was unable to talk, appearantly the Spirit of Elijah: Guild Wars portion of the server is now moderated, meaning you can't talk without permission in the channel, and we couldn't figure out how to be able to get me to talk...
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    No alliance event this week

    Seeing how this is a holiday weekend there will be no Alliance Event this weekend, so join us next week at 8 eastern for our regularily scheduled event.
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    Alliance Event August 8th, 2009 Ravenheart Gloom

    The alliance event for August 8th will be the Ravenheart Gloom portion of the Domain of Anguish, we will be leaving at 8:00pm EDT, please meet in the HsC guild hall before then for preparation if you would like to come.
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    Alliance Event for August 1st

    We will be vanquishing Sparkfly Swamp out of Gadd's Encampment, we will be meeting in the HsC Guld Hall at 7:30 eastern time for the vanquish at 8:00.
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    Alliance Event July 11th 2009

    Due to July 4th being Independance Day in America we are having the next event on July 11th. We will be clearing The Fissure of Woe from Temple of the Ages, your character will be rquied to be ascended or equivalent. We will be meeting in the HsC guild hall at 7:30pm EDT.
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    Alliance Event June 27

    Since it is a double green drop weekend the alliance event is going to be a trip into Sorrow's Furnace with no sub-quests active in order to have a chance at some of the Sorrow's Furnace green weapons. Meet at 7:30 EST in HsC GH