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  1. RyanB

    Spoiler: The source of the sanctum's power

    Okay it's not so much a spoiler if it's on an official blog post, but this living story is starting to get very interesting.
  2. RyanB

    Upcoming Skill and Trait Changes

    Looks like we got a big one coming June 25. Coupled with the reward system changes (~end of summer), this should be interesting. Oh and of course, there'll be sky pirates.
  3. RyanB

    Unable to attend events this weekend

    Just a quick heads up...I am out of town and will be unable to do events this weekend. If someone could run events, that'd be great!
  4. RyanB

    Yet more news - EB JP going to be its own map Here are my thoughts: Should ease the queue a bit (duh). Good for the queue. But if a server is undermanned, it seems they will now be more undermanned because the full server will add players...
  5. RyanB

    So you think you can dance?

    Volcanon and his charr brethren sure can't. But now there's hope! How to dance Vol 1 and lion cub are now in the gem store.
  6. RyanB

    No more culling, Southsun living story, crab toss

    Stock up on butter now, ladies and gentlemen. Crab Fest begins May 14.
  7. RyanB

    Open Guild Meeting - Friday, May 10, 9pm EST

    I'm excited to announce a formal all-guild meeting for Friday, May 10, 9pm EST. Said meeting will take place on TeamSpeak (TS3/server password), and is open to all members. If you do not have access to or wish to be on a mic, download TS anyway and listen in! You can...
  8. RyanB

    Challenge Accepted? Saturday @ 9pm EST

    FYI, the week-long unlock of Guild Challenge should be finished Saturday evening shortly after reset. I propose we drop the extra 2k for instant build and have a go at it. I'll queue up an additional one if people would like to try again Sunday after joint bounty time (which is at 4pm edt, so...
  9. RyanB

    Thursday Nights - WvW

    In an effort to make things easier to schedule and for people to know when they are, I'm working toward having a set weekly schedule. My hope is not that we create some sort of burden for people to attend everything, but moreso that people can easily realize what is going on when and plan their...
  10. RyanB

    Guild Bounty tonight 9pm edt, Guild Trek/Rush tomorrow 8 edt

    We are currently at 137 guild merits, 13 away from Guild Challenge unlock. So far this week we have completed a T1 bounty for 15 points...and can push our total to 142 if we are successful with a T2. That means we can do a Trek tomorrow (10 points) right after weekly reset to hit 150. If...
  11. RyanB

    Great job on hitting 50k influence!

    I haven't signed in yet to the game yet today, but we should hit 50k influence today if we haven't already. I've been monitoring influence income very closely the past few months and let me just say I am amazed we have gotten as much as we have lately. We are gaining influence nearly twice as...
  12. RyanB

    Guild Rush tonight - 8pm EDT

    Title says it all. Saturday is reset, so let's go get some merits and commendations! I'll be on a few minutes early to figure out what mish we have and escort folks as needed.
  13. RyanB

    Weekend event - Lowbie Love

    Outside of some fierce dungeoning tonight and Awesome bounty getting on Sunday, I was thinking we might all consider something different and weekend long this weekend: playing your lowbies. There should be a lot of new players in for the weekend, so it might be fun to see a busy Queensdale...
  14. RyanB

    50k influence by April 27 - can we do it?

    Just a quick note - we'll be able to hit the needed 150 guild merits for unlocking Guild Challenge on April 27, after the weekly reset for guild missions. To start queing that, though, we need 50k influence. Guild challenges = more fun missions, and 2 more commendations you can earn each week...
  15. RyanB

    Dungeon/Fractal Night tonight?

    Sorry for the (still) lack of set schedule. Anyone up for some mass dungeoning this evening? Edit to add: newbies welcome...doesn't matter if you've never stepped foot in a dungeon before!
  16. RyanB

    Guild Wars 2 Free trial this wekeend

    Posted this in general CGA as well. Link to promotion is here: Great time for friends/family to try it out. To get a key, just pick one of the listed sites and go there. Last I checked each had upwards of 10,000 left...they may...
  17. RyanB

    Guild Wars 2 - Free trial this weekend

    Link to promotion is here: To get a key, just pick one of the listed sites and go there. Last I checked each had upwards of 10,000 left...they may simply have you sign up for the site to get one...
  18. RyanB

    Guild Missions + Joint Bounty with SoLA - Friday Apr 12th - 9 EDT

    Title says all. Tomorrow night we're scheduled to hook up with SoLA for some joint bounties...followed by maybe trek, rush, or both. Thinking we've been running a lot of guild missions for a while and less FotM/Dungeon/WvW/whatever. Any thoughts on what people would like to see in the future?
  19. RyanB

    Congrats LoE...Guild Rush is queued!

    We just hit 80 merits and another 50k Guild Rush is now queued. It will be finished building at about 10pm EDT next Saturday, April 6.
  20. RyanB

    So, I tried sPvP last night due to the laurels thing...

    ...and had a blast! Wow! Unfamiliarity has kept me from doing this for 7 months, but I just dove in and it was not bad at all. Tournament play sounds intimidating, but in reality these are very easy to get into....2 team tournaments are just that - a single match with random teams. To...