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  1. Klaatu

    Ipad/Tablet/Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 -- etc

    I pray all is going well with you guys. As what the subject entails, because of my wife's disability, I am asking for your opinion for a decent small system I can get her so she can get back into gaming. (added to her situation, she broke her wrist 12/10 - thank the Lord, no surgery was...
  2. Klaatu

    Biblica & Bick

    Hey all; we miss playing. Sometimes you gotta do for that we by Faith we have to do. Cause of Sandra's past cancer & back surgeries, we've been doing what we need to do. She hasn't been able to play much at all; cause of her needs, I have been playing some SP XCOM, so I can stop anytime to care...
  3. Klaatu

    Hey guys!!!!

    We (Bick & Biblica) miss you guys! Once upon a day, the ^Internet^ was only a dream... last week, that "upon a day" came back. [twelve days now (but weird, after our rain storm last night, we got some juice! Not sure how long it will last.] Where we live, we use cable for our internet & TV...
  4. Klaatu

    State of the Guild Wars 2 Economy ..... These recipes create boxes that give chances for gold and some cool items....
  5. Klaatu

    free content to players In an informative post on the Guild Wars 2 forums, Colin Johansen has written about some of the upcoming plans the team has for providing free content to players. It is summed...
  6. Klaatu

    if you ever wanted a *different* in-game name :) The World's Ugliest Animals
  7. Klaatu

    Game status update, 6 September 2012 Account Security Trading Post Parties & Guilds plus several more
  8. Klaatu

    Ele personal story fun

    Helped Biblica complete her level 16 personal story :cool: tough little buggers... I tell you! I did the level 35 ( I think it was) personal story on my Guardian this morning... sorry, did not Frap it. Died more times then I'd like to say; lots of wind gusts lol...
  9. Klaatu

    Thank you

    for this Guild! So appreciate the kindness provided for each member. TY for Leadership; as a ^past^ GM, Biblica & I so enjoy what we have here! Thank you for our dedicated Crafters & Gatherers who make (their) time to craft items... not just for themselves, but those who might need. (*Matthew...
  10. Klaatu

    WvW PvP

    Well, in beta, I spent some time in WvW; today was the 1st time I went since game went live - Had a blast!
  11. Klaatu

    Crafting materials

    OKay... I love to craft & collect materials... As seen in Guild chat, so a part of a lot of us. I want to change my ^wanting to do^ for the betterment of our Guild. I will collect stuff & send to those who might need, Plz post here or Facebook...
  12. Klaatu

    Celebration Hat o commemorate the launch of Guild Wars 2, we’re making a special hat available to all players for free! The Celebration Hat is a baseball cap with the iconic Guild Wars 2 dragon...
  13. Klaatu

    TV GW2 here are Colin and Emil. They look this happy because they're about to start broadcasting live on to talk -- what else? -- Guild Wars 2. Join them in just a few minutes! ~RB2
  14. Klaatu

    Short Stress time 08.23.12

    We will be conducting a Stress Test TODAY from 1:00 PM PDT to 2:00 PM PDT.
  15. Klaatu

    Stress Test! Aug 21

    GW2 will be conducting a stress test tomorrow Tuesday, August 21 from 12:00 Noon PACIFIC Time to 4:00 PM PACIFIC Time.
  16. Klaatu

    Voice software

    OK, as seen, Mumble no longer in use after the 25th,. For beta testing until live, mumble or TS3? I'd like to use TS3 now so we can all get use to it. TY
  17. Klaatu

    Stress Test! August 12

    Guild Wars 2 Happy weekend, everyone! We will be conducting a stress test TOMORROW Sunday, August 12 from 11:00 AM PACIFIC Time to 12:00 Noon PACIFIC Time. REMEMBER: We will be actively working on the game during the event, so you might experience connectivity problems or discover...