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  1. Echodelta

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing everyone a warm and blessed Christmas Day.
  2. Echodelta

    Stepfather's family

    My stepfather's sister died early yesterday morning due to complications from ALS. She was diagnosed only a couple years ago but had been in steady decline since. My stepfather flew back east to be with family last night. She would have been 54 on Thanksgiving Day. If you could keep his family...
  3. Echodelta

    Need an MRI on my brain ...

    Hi everyone, I know I just updated my reconstructive foot surgery prayer thread. I have another prayer request. Here's a brief summary: Last year, I woke up one morning with a slight hearing loss in my left ear as well as the left side of my head feeling "funny." I went to the doctor who...
  4. Echodelta

    My nephew ...

    Last night my nephew, Anthony was hit while crossing the street. The driver was speeding. Anthony died on the way to the hospital. He was 28 years old and was on a business trip in another state. His family is stunned and devastated. I never mentioned this before but back in January, my dad died...
  5. Echodelta

    Guild Wars 10-year anniversary?

    I will always have some love for this game even though I haven't played it regularly since 2012. But I know the April 26 will be 10 years for the game. I began playing it only a couple days after it was released in 2005. Has anyone heard if Anet is commemorating the event?
  6. Echodelta

    Another reconstructive foot surgery ...

    Hi CGA, I've been out of touch for awhile. Last year I posted a prayer request because I was having reconstructive foot surgery to my right foot, which occurred in July 2013. What was supposed to be 1 operation turned out to be 3. Overall, it was the 22nd operation to my right foot that dates...
  7. Echodelta

    Prayer Request: Reconstructive Foot Surgery

    Note: I apologize in advance for this long read: This foot surgery dates back to last year in this original thread from August. This Wednesday, July 24, I will be undergoing reconstructive foot surgery on my right foot. I've known since September of last year that I've needed this...
  8. Echodelta

    Prayer Request

    Greetings, Please pray for me today and for the rest of the week. I'm currently dealing with a lot. Today will be a big day. Only, I can't talk about it. So I ask that members just keep me in their thoughts today and throughout the rest of the week. Thank you, Ed
  9. Echodelta

    Ender's Game: The Movie

    It's finally happening. The movie is scheduled for release on November 1, 2013. All I'm saying is they better get it right or a lot of fans will be angry. According to the wiki article, it will be a conglomeration of Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow which makes sense. This may be the only...
  10. Echodelta

    Android Task Manager

    I recently bought a Droid Razr Maxx HD phone. While I love the phone (it's a beast with battery life), I keep running out of memory. I'm using NQ Mobile Guard as my anti-virus and app manager. While it has a good system optimization widget, I'm unable to manage apps effectively. I want to be...
  11. Echodelta

    Emergency Blood Transfusion

    Hi CGA, I'm currently in the hospital getting a blood transfusion as the result of an unknown cause of internal bleeding. Later on today I'm scheduled to have an upper GI scope done. If nothing shows up then it may be a lower GI. Last Tuesday I noticed I had a high pulse rate but...
  12. Echodelta

    Minecraft Style

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Minecraft forums or here. Here seemed more reasonable. Here's a catchy Minecraft parody song of Gangnam Style by Korean rapper PSY:
  13. Echodelta

    Hulu Plus Recommendations?

    I signed up last week but I'm not a big TV watcher. So far I have Once Upon a Time, Revolution, & The Office as my favorites. I'm open to recommendations. I keep browsing Hulu's shows but nothing is really standing out. I have tried to watch a couple shows but usually stop midway through the...
  14. Echodelta


    For those working on the cartography title, I found this interactive map. The best one I've seen thus far:
  15. Echodelta

    GWAMM Title in GW2?

    Anyone else who has the title not able to see it? It's in the Hero Panel in the Hall of Monuments section right where the other titles are right? It's not showing up for me.
  16. Echodelta

    Prayer Request

    Yet another, not for my left hand which is doing better but not 100% yet. This is for my right foot. First here are 2 x-rays of my right foot from 22 years ago: Top View Side View I was in bad work accident where both of my feet were crushed by a 5,000 lb. motor generator. I really...
  17. Echodelta

    Slow Upload Speed

    I've had trouble with slow upload speeds that began last weekend. I've been trying to upload pics to my Photobucket account to no avail in addition to sending attachments via email. I've tried uploading on Firefox, Chrome, & IE and get the same results :( When I run a test on
  18. Echodelta

    Prayer Request

    Hi CGA, I have a prayer request for my left hand. It's been bothering me since around December but back then it wasn't that bad so I just continued to work through the pain. I'd say in the last month the pain began to grow plus began spreading. It originally began between the knuckles of my...
  19. Echodelta

    GW 7th Year Anniversary Celebration

    Copy/paste from the official GW Wiki: More on the Hound of Balthazar ranger pet: I'm unsure about the hell hound. My ranger is happy with her black widow. Maybe another character with a secondary ranger profession will acquire it. Plus...