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  1. Apollux

    Aack! Tawd (Todd) Meshach/Shaddrach is Back!

    /Run /Hide /Mage in a dress... Todd and his very polite nephew Ethan are back in the guild. Welcome to both!!
  2. Apollux

    The Forgiven & Quality Wipes Flex Raiding in Patch 5.4!

    Hi Everyone, Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.4 drops on Sep. 10th and I'm hoping we can get at least 10 (or more) up for a Flex Raiding Group. Flex Raiding for those of you who don't know is in between Regular 10 Man and LFR in difficulty. It also allows for flexibility in size of anywhere from 10...
  3. Apollux

    Quality Wipes - LF A DPS

    Hello Folks, Unfortunately, we have lost one of our raiders (Caleb) to the realities of school - which of course we support 100%. This has left us with another whole in our raid for a DPS slot - either melee or ranged. We raid Saturdays (7-10PM Server) and Mondays (7-9PM Server). We've...
  4. Apollux

    Quality Wipes MV Run 2/1: LF a Healer and Maybe 1 x DPS

    Hey Forgiven! Quality Wipes is in need of 1 x Healy type and potentially 1 x PewPew for a Mogu'Shan Vaults run this Friday (2/1) at 7PM Server. We'll run for about 3hrs and hope to get at least the first four bosses down. Please post here if you're interested! :-)
  5. Apollux

    Quality Wipes Raiding Group LF 1 x Healer for Mogu'Shan Vault Run on 12/29

    Hey Forgiven! The Quality Wipes Raiding Team is LF a sub healer to run with us tomorrow night - Saturday DEC 29th. We'll be starting at 7 Server for a three hour run. Plz post here or on my Forgiven Facebook post if you are interested. We're short a Tank for tomorrow as well, but I'm...
  6. Apollux

    Quality Wipes Raiding Group LF 1 x DPS Raider

    Hello Forgiven Folks, The Quality Wipes Forgiven Raiding Group is LF 1 x DPS to add to our squad. Our current plan (with adjustments over the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays) is to run every Saturday at 7PM server for 3 hours. We'll most likely add another night (like Mondays)...
  7. Apollux

    Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

    Hello Forgiven! As most of you know, Quality Wipes is a progressive-casual raiding group. We'll be resetting our overall raid as MoP rolls out and will most likely have a spot or two open as we form back up. I would guess based on everyone's speed (or dedication) to leveling, we won't be...
  8. Apollux

    Quality Wipes in DS on Sat May 5th LF Toons

    Hi Forgiven Folks! We're in need of a DPS (melee would be uber) and Healer for our run this Saturday May 5th in Dragon Soul. Potentially looking to do H. Morchok, but that will be dependent upon who shows up. We start @ 7 server. Post here or shoot me a PM in the forums if you are...
  9. Apollux

    Quality Wipes is LF a Melee DPS

    Hello Forgiven Folks, One of our long-term raiders has chosen to step down due to time constraints in RL. I'm looking for a solid melee DPS to replace him. (Melee is preferred, but we would consider a ranged pew-pew.) Being familiar with the fights and well geared are the "requirements"...
  10. Apollux

    Fellow Geeks - Windows 8 Preview?

    Hello, Have any of you installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? I'm considering doing so in a dual-boot configuration. Relating of any of your experiences would be most welcome. Thanks!!
  11. Apollux

    Quality Wipes (aka Mike & Bob's Raid) LF a Healer Sat 2/4

    Hello Forgiven Raider Type Folks, We're LF a healer for our Dragon Soul Raid Incursion tomorrow (Sat night) the 4th. We start @ 7PM server and it will be a fresh run. Please post here if you're interested or send me a pm. :)
  12. Apollux

    Quality Wipes LF a Healer 1/2/12

    Happy New Year Forgiven! Mike and I are LF a healer tonight (1/2). We will most likely be @ Ragnaros in FL and then maybe off to a bit of Dragon Soul. Please shoot me a PM or reply here if interested. :D
  13. Apollux

    Quality Wipes LF a Healer & Tank - 12/16 (AKA: Mike & Bob's Raid)

    Hi Everyone, Mike and I are LF a Healer to run with us this Saturday the 10th and the 17th. We'll be starting out in Dragon Soul and checking out the first few bosses. Additionally, we will most likely be making a few attempts on Ragnaros. We start at 7 server time and will run for about 3...
  14. Apollux

    Quality Wipes: LF 2 x Healy Types (or DPS/Healer) on 12/5

    Hi Everyone, Mike and Meaghan are out tonight. We are LF 2 x healers tonight 12/5 (or a healer & 1 x DPS). Scheduled bosses are Baleroc, Majordomo, and Alysrazor. Plz let us know if you're interested.
  15. Apollux

    Mike & Bob's Raid: LF a Healy Type (or Maybe Two) on 11/26

    Hello Everyone, Our run will be short a healer (or maybe two) this coming Saturday the 26th of Nov. Post here if you're interested in joining us. We have most of the place (excluding Ragnaros) on "farm" at this point. Our goal for Sat will be the first 5 or 6 bosses. Start time is 7PM Server.
  16. Apollux

    Mike & Bob's Raid: An Apology From Bob

    Hello Forgiven. This post is primarily to the folks in Mike & Bob's Raid (Mike, Steve, Todd, Jason, Meaghan, Jacki, Chris, JohnD, and Alex), but I wanted to make my sentiments public as well. Monday the 14th, we were running our raid as normal and on the Alysrazor encounter. We had a few...
  17. Apollux

    Mike & Bob's Raid LF a Healer - 11/7

    Hi Everyone, Mike and I are LF a healer tonight 11/7. Scheduled bosses are Lord Rhyolith, Baleroc, and Alysrazor. Plz let us know if you're interested. :D
  18. Apollux

    Mike & Bob's Raid LF 2 Subs 10/28 - Friday

    Hi Everyone, We have a need for one substitute healer and one (maybe two) DPS types for our raid in Firelands tomorrow. Please post here or shoot me a pm if you are interested! We will be doing Shannox, Beth'tilac, and Lord Rhyolith. :D
  19. Apollux

    Mike & Bob's Raid: 8/1 & 8/6 - LF DPS & Healer

    Hi Everyone, With the lovely marriage of Jason & Meaghan and other summer activities, Mike's & my raid is short 2 or 3 x DPS and healer for tonight August 1st. We'll either run BH (if we have it), BoT, cruise through BWD a bit or (last preference) grind Firelands Rep. Additionally...
  20. Apollux

    Mike & Bob's Raid v4.2

    So... The question at hand is do we finish BWD/BoT with the nerf or move to the Firelands? Some of us did some Firelands trash/rep grinding on the 4th and have also gotten some iLvl 365 gear from the new dailies. However Nefarian has been nerfed and getting a 4 piece bonus could be nice...