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  1. Kendrik

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Folks, we got us some real gaming fire on the way. Pokemon Sun and Moon hit this Friday. I just preordered my copy of Sun. Who else is in? (The answer should be everyone. ;) )
  2. Kendrik

    Tales from Game Time

    So! I had a pretty awesome Far Cry 4 experience last night that I want to share. This made me think of a new thread idea for CGA, too. A thread for sharing our various stories of game experiences. Could be things that happened in-game, around the game, or whatever else you consider a "tale from...
  3. Kendrik

    Pregnancy And What It Entails

    So! Superb praise report: My wife is pregnant and, with regard to the baby's stability and all, doing quite well. We're excited. That said, there's the immediately related need for prayer for her well being. She's more or less healthy, but puking a lot and having a hard time expressing/finding...
  4. Kendrik

    [Weekly - Th] Whatcha Reading?

    Tuesday and Thursday currently have no weekly threads, so I thought I'd start one! What've you been reading this week? Any format, any genre. I'm about halfway through Star Wars: Red Harvest. It's... remarkably chilling. Slight... ...which is more like the synopsis according to the back of...
  5. Kendrik

    Destiny: Rise of Iron

    It's coming. It's beautiful. It's big. I can't wait. Looks like it's only coming to PS4/One, but I'm not terribly bothered since I've got a PS4 now. Release date is 9/30, just a couple of weeks after my birthday. Hooray! Who's in?!
  6. Kendrik

    Splitting Bundles? (Humble/Groupees/etc.)

    Hi all, I know that there've been threads for trading Steam keys, and I think those included keys gained through Humble Bundle and the like. I think it's common for Humble Bundle to let you gift portions of the bundles, so I thought I'd check to see if there was ever interest in splitting...
  7. Kendrik

    Private Hosting?

    Hi friends, I'm looking into getting Minecraft to play with my wife and some of our friends across the country. If I do, I'd like to get a small, inexpensive, and proportionately reliable private server for those select people to play on (some younglings are included, thus the concern for...
  8. Kendrik

    20XX Needs a Writers

    Hey everyone, I just found out that the team behind 20XX is looking for someone to help develop their narrative/atmosphere. Link to the original tweet here Thought I'd share in case if anyone here felt the urge to try for the job. The game is exceptional, by the way.
  9. Kendrik

    This Day in Gaming (ongoing)

    For things happening in the games industry today. I'll start things with an example. Mega Man Legends receives a long-awaited release on Playstation Network's PSone Classics line. More details on Playstation's The Drop weekly update. Upon further thought, perhaps it should be specially noted...
  10. Kendrik

    I discovered the like button!

    And it pleases me greatly. I don't always have things to add, in cases like verse of the day threads, but I want to show some affirmation. The like button lets me do that. Hooray!
  11. Kendrik

    Destiny PS3

    Who else plays? I finally got mine back, and it's even better than it was at launch. Can't wait for Taken King to fully drop in a few days.
  12. Kendrik

    Memes Go Here

    So, it seems to me that memes and meme-like imagery loads my experience of the internet. I will shamelessly acknowledge my enjoyment of many of them; I've even tried to start a few of my own. But, in effort to be some kind of considerate, I've largely refrained from spreading memes...
  13. Kendrik

    Prayer for Sickness

    Friends, My wife and I have taken somewhat ill. Please pray that God heal us within the bounds of His will. It sucks to be unable to cure her misery, and my body has finally succumbed to the sickness, too. God has already come through for us by getting someone to lead worship in her stead this...
  14. Kendrik

    Thread Game: What Song Is In Your Head?

    I've got a song in my head, and I'm guessing you might have one in yours, too. Let's share songs! :D Just, y'know, be sure to warn of any potentially objectionable material if you share links. Right now, mine is "I'm Not the Breakman" by The Megas. Can listen to it here. I had a name...
  15. Kendrik

    Finally need a Vita--Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    Persona is nothing to scoff at. Ever. Even Persona 4's fighting game spin-off was top notch. ...and now we're getting a dance-based game. Where do I sign?
  16. Kendrik

    Game Update Notes - June 23, 2015

    Woo... it's a biggun. Linked here: Thoughts? Personally, can't wait for ten-ish to roll around when I can finally patch up and check it out. :D
  17. Kendrik

    Heart of Thorns Now Available for Pre-Purchase!

    It's a hefty $50 for the base package, but Heart of Thorns is now available for pre-purchase! Pre-purchasing guarantees access to all betas between now and release. Available in three packages, ranging from $50-100, on the official website here. Huzzah!
  18. Kendrik

    Same-Computer Multiplayer

    Good day, my friends. My wife and I currently lack a game console (will be picking up another PS3 sometime down the road), but we would like to game together in similar fashion. You know, couch co-op/competitive. We've been playing Gauntlet and loving it, but I'm looking to expand our options...
  19. Kendrik

    Marriage and Moving

    God is so incredibly good. Just... wow. In but ten days, my fiancee and I will be wed. The engagement seemed to last forever, but its fulfillment is now upon us. Couldn't be happier or more blessed to be spending the rest of my life with her. Goodness. So excited! That said, prayers for...
  20. Kendrik

    Return to Neverwinter

    So, I've gotten myself back into Neverwinter. I forgot how much I loved it. Still plays like a dream. New module, Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons, just released, along with a free new class (Scourge Warlock) and a paywall-blocked race (Dragonborn!!!). Anyone else still playing or interested in...