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    aion account migration

    just letting everyone know that if you plan on playing aion in the near future and your using a user name to log in might want to log in cause they plan on deleting old accounts
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    greetings all i would like for you all to pray for my next door neighbor as their house burn down this morning everyone got out safely so thanks for that
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    vet rewards

    i don't know how many are active but if you have any vet rewards you might want to claim them on all your toons
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    we need to make plans to run it one day takes like 1 1/2 - 2 hour with full group we should have no problems doing this dungeon just have to bring 2 healer types and some range dps p.s our mllee needs to get more Accuracy have about 1600 and some mobs where dodging my hits
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    the weekly runs

    its good to finally see the guild doing stuff together i just wish you all did them earlier if ervryone is at 51 or higher you can try doin udas the set you get out of there isnt to bad for pve also like to thank everyone for allowing me to run with you all saturday it was fun and nice...
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    what free attack speed weapons at 50 ?

    dont know if most of you are aware of this but the last patch gave a quest that takes like 10 min to finish and you get a gold weapon at the end i know its for the asmo side dont know if there is one for eylos
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    Campaign quest who needs what i have a few that are group ones in elite areas i have 2 toons that need the last one in eletan 3 in herion so post a time a n day so we can get these knock out they dont have to be done in one night can spread them out
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    once in lifetime offer

    if your tire of playing alone like me want so elite quest done or some one to hang or grind with post here what class you have and when you would be able to play reason for this i play on 2 differ servers classes i have on seil 45 temp ,48 chanter, 33 cleric ,30 glad p.s. my time is eastern
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    this is to let you all know that i stop leveling my temp and here is why i need lots of money to get my gear up tanking for pugs sucks they blame you for the groups failure not having plus up weapons kind of sucks just ask my chanter and i seem to enjoy the cleric right now
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    my thoughts on my cleric starters i'm going to pvp with this cleric or try to gear boots & gloves level 30 aybss gold non elites takes about 117000 ap give or take chest & pants daeva shoulders 31blue sliver coin reward mana stones all blue armor i stack with level 40 green mb stones the...
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    what did you do

    what did you do with your 14 crowns i got the level 30 non elites boots & gloves gave then to my ranger and enought points left over plus 4 crowns that i got for vet rewards i was able to get 4 of the blue accessories on a side note turn them in at the core get like 9600 ap