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    Just wondering what kind of interest there is out there for SimCity. I've started looking at some of the stuff out there and it looks interesting. But then I'm a political science major and have always been interested in how populations handle issues. That and I spent an absurd amount of time...
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    Signup for Elder Scrolls Online beta

    Signup is available for those interested.
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    BF3- Who's in?

    Just pre-ordered BF3 the other day. I decided to get it on PC over Xbox because I just have a feeling it'll work better. But I'm hoping they put out a demo so I can test it out on my system. I'm wondering who else is getting this. Half the fun of playing online is getting a good group...
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    So when do most of you play?

    So today I picked up SC2. I'm getting more into PC gaming since a potential job is going to take me on the road and I won't have my Xbox with me (looking at getting a decent gaming laptop). Well I just started. Never played SC1 but I've played an RTS or two in my day (used to really be into...
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    Wondering if any of you would be interested in helping me out

    Right now MS is having a contest to find an app to create for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform (something I'm excited about). I had an idea for a Windows Media Center app so I submitted it. Now I need votes for it. You can get to it by going to...
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    Portal free until May 24 Portal's free until May 24. So if you haven't jumped in yet, now's the time.
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    APB beta sign up

    If anyone's interested in APB, you can now sign up for the beta at the website ( Just thought I'd let you all know.
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    Anyone on Battlefield Heroes?

    So I've been in the beta for BF: Heroes for a while now and I was just curious if anyone else in ToJ was in on it as well. Let me know if you are.
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    Getting in TF2

    So I decided to bite the bullet and get TF2. I noticed we had the server and I loved our time on our Counter-Strike Server back in the day. Now I had The Orange Box on the 360 (so I'm not a complete rookie to the game), but people online didn't understand the purpose of each class and played...
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    Mario Kart Wii

    For those who did know, Mario Kart Wii comes out in less than a week in the states. I'm just curious in regards to who plans on getting it and if we should have a ToJ get together playing it.
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    Smash Bros.

    With Smash Bros. Brawl coming out in a week, I was wondering what interest there is in some TOJ stuff for it. If you're interested in playing with other ToJ members, feel free to post here in saying so. As I understand it, Brawl will have unique friend codes so be sure to share those when you...
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    Help with friends

    So when I'm in my hometown (and not off at college) I hang out with a group of Christians. We've each known each other for the majority of our lives for the most part. And by and large, we've each been great for each other. But there's been a bit of a situation lately. One of the people in...
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    Hey everyone, I finally managed to get xfire to work on my comp. So I've been sending out the friend invites. If I haven't sent you one yet, let me know and I'll be sure to do that or send me one. My user name is Dan12R