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    Just Downloaded Rift

    G'day ToJ, I just got Rift a week ago. Who do I look for to sign up for the guild / what time are folks typically on? It's been a long time since I've participated with this group. Anyone from the old days with Dark Age of Camelot still around? - Aijalon
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    KotT RvR

    Zig was pointing out the other day we could field a full group of level 50s in RvR... Who's up for it and when? Or...we could /level and go to a BG... - Aij
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    Anyone interested in trying to get a guild cottage once the prices fall to bargain levels?
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    Relic Raid

    There will be a relic raid led by Cep Saturday at 7pm Central.
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    Some of us did indicate Tuesdays were a bad time in response to the post from How about we take a shot again at posting opinions on good times for everyone. At the moment the best times for me are: Thursdays Every other Friday or Sunday evenings I'd love to find a time when...
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    Rvr event

    Any interested in getting together for some guild RvRing? What days would be could to schedule an event? Who could make it this Thursday evening? All levels would be welcome. (Yes, high level is preferrable but even low levels can contribute in helping with keep claiming and sometimes buffs.)
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    Beno relief attempt

    We held Beno for a while at least... I accompanied some of our valiant allies in a one group attempt to relieve it Wednesday? night, we got there just as 30 Hibs took the keep. We did manage to get one or two as they came out. :-)
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    Town square

    I was reading the Herald and thought I'd bring up the idea of posting announcements for our services on the new Town Square feature: I don't think you can set up repeat announcements, only individual ones, so this might fall to the service organizer...
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    Sursbooke update

    I'm happy to report that a Hibernian invasion was stopped late Friday evening at the foot of the keep flying our colors, Sursbrooke.   What was initially a small Hibernian incursion to Benowyc grew with reinforcements over the evening.  It became apparent Sursbrooke might be threatened when the...
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    Alliance meeting

    I was unable to attend the alliance meeting Thursday. Was anyone able to go (between attacks on our keep that might have news from it?
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    Sursbrooke claimed by trinity

    My understanding is we owe thanks to Jaz for recruiting some temps and claiming Sursbrooke! : ) Hurrah! I believe we are setting a new KotT record every minute for the longest we've ever held a keep : ) I encourage all to do our part in frontier defense by reporting any attack messages...
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    Player housing

    Here's the latest from the Herald about player housing: When the time comes, I think we look into doing something with housing as a guild if possible. Does anyone know if housing is intended to be fore guilds or individual players? - Aij