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  1. Brizle


    What network connection issues are you currently experiencing? Do you use comcast for internet by chance?
  2. Brizle

    Spirit Guard Udyr

    Riot have made several announcements that this skin update was coming and informed us that it was going to be coming with the last patch. But due to stability issues in the actual game client they told users that the skin was not going to be in the patch because it was more important to put...
  3. Brizle


    Icthus did you wanna play some games together sometime? Would be willing to give some pointers. Have helped a few friends of mine get out of bronze. I'm only silver myself but willing to help where I can.
  4. Brizle

    Prayer Request

    Praying das Broot. Will do it frequently
  5. Brizle


    Gotcha! Gotta add them all!!
  6. Brizle


    Anyone down to play? I'm down for anything from ranked to customs. Brizles summoner name.
  7. Brizle


    Im around more so if anyone need an officer msg me on forums and I should be able to log on to help out whether its an alt invite or someone new to the guild
  8. Brizle

    Ranked team gaming...

    I can play whatever role we need for ranked. Down to play some TOJ ranked.
  9. Brizle

    How are you doin?

    Good, I got my desktop back fnially and have been able to log into wow but the only people i have seen online has been blu on remote chat.
  10. Brizle

    Hello. 3v3 tourney anyone?

    I'm down for some ranled games. Brizles is summoners name.
  11. Brizle

    Diablo 3 Chapter?

    any chance of getting that D3 forum created in the TOJ area? Is it possible to have more then just a simple sticky in toj without making it a chapter?
  12. Brizle

    Battle Tags

    Good game
  13. Brizle


    You sir obviously did not watch Kim possible
  14. Brizle


    Tonight, I need all your love tonight..... but for real gonna be playing this in all my classes tomorrow...
  15. Brizle

    Diablo 3 Chapter?

    You let yours get out of repair at some point?!?
  16. Brizle


    It's an iPhone not an Iphone
  17. Brizle

    Lookie who I met at the movies...

    Oooooh so the whole nazi thing was a misunderstanding, they were looking for Kyle, and that's how tall he was. Pssssh the accent made us think they were saying heil. Godwin's law
  18. Brizle

    Lookie who I met at the movies...

    So that's a no on Morgan Freeman.....
  19. Brizle

    Lookie who I met at the movies...

    Morgan Freeman?
  20. Brizle


    Will you throw some glitter at his brain? And go insane, go insane