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  1. []WildBillKickoff

    Christian EASHL Club Forming

    Hello to a lot of old friends and new faces. This is Bill, former head of the Spirit of Elijah GW guild here with CGA (shout out to Derk-- I know he did a phenomenal job after I stepped down!). It's been a long time, but I know that CGA has been, and will continue to be, a city on a hill in the...
  2. []WildBillKickoff

    Letters to Joshua Completion Date: 8/31/07

    So... anyone have any idea how to go abouut getting my book edited/published? I'm 80% done with the rough draft, 30% done with my own editing to get ready to send to an editor. Does anyone have/know of a list of Christian editors who can help me get things into publishable form?
  3. []WildBillKickoff

    Bring Back Your Griffon Farm Builds!

    Yes, that's right. Feel free to take a griffon farm build (pre-nerf) to Hard Mode. All you've got to do is take a Whammo and a couple of henchies from Ascalon City to get you past the first set of gargoyles, then beat up on Hulking Stone Elementals. There are a couple of pops along the way...
  4. []WildBillKickoff

    SoE/SOE 2nd Anniversary Party

    We'll be hosting a guild-wide party on Sunday 4-15 to mark the second anniversary of the union of SoE and ToJ, the creation of what has become the awesome guild you now belong to. There will be special events for fabulous prizes (to be announced later), an actual appearance by Pastori, who...
  5. []WildBillKickoff

    Seeking Volunteers To Lead Bible Study

    When I led the guild, one of my chief weaknesses was not delegating authority as much as I should have. I'm not going to make that mistake now and let Bible Study suffer. I'm holding an open call for a Bible Study leader group who would teach on topics. I'm hoping to put together at least 4-5...
  6. []WildBillKickoff

    Warning: Do NOT Use MLS Realty

    Here's why: After purchasing an investment property in March, I fixed it up and put it on the market for a reasonable price in July with MLS. Five months went by, and I could no longer afford payments, so I informed my realtor that I would be doing a "deed in lieu", which would allow me to...
  7. []WildBillKickoff

    Practice Christianity = Get Kicked Off Campus??? In the interest of full disclosure, ADF is a legal organization formed to promote and protect the rights of Christianity and Christians. That being said, brief synopsis: The campus Christian organization Commissioned II...
  8. []WildBillKickoff

    Thoughts on our 1337ness-- sign up for PvE tonight

    Folks, I think our quest for 1337ness could be more easily attained in a different direction. We have had some success with PvP, having very nearly taken HoH on a few occasions, and I'm not saying we should stop doing that. What i am saying is that we have always been stronger in PvE than PvP...
  9. []WildBillKickoff

    Pastori out of town 3/9-3/13

    Like the title says. Just letting you all know. :)
  10. []WildBillKickoff

    Bible Study 3-5-07, 10pm EST

    We will pick up where we left off after our invigorating debate two weeks ago, with Hebrews 2:11, and we'll see how far we can get (obviously, we talk too much to do a chapter a week).
  11. []WildBillKickoff

    2/27 PvP?

    So, are we doing a PvP session tonight? I won't be able to attend due to the ToJ meeting, but I might be around to replace someone. Just wondering.
  12. []WildBillKickoff

    I'm bored with GW, so.... Tombs Run Tonight!

    Anyone up for a Tombs (new UW) run tonight? I think that B/P teams are still the thing down there, so that's what we'll go with unless someone has a better idea. We'll start around 10:30 EST, because my wife is going to make me watch Grey's Anatomy with her. (CHICK SHOW!) Sign up below-- if...
  13. []WildBillKickoff

    Silly idea for HA: Air Spike Redux

    Here's the plan, as I see it: (3) Steady Stance warriors with shocking weapons (3) Iron Mist/Air Spike Eles, switch Gale for Iron Mist, Air 16, Energy Storage 11 (10+ rune), Earth 9 (8+rune) (2) heal monks, standard SoE build + a condition removal skill to remove blind The idea is to...
  14. []WildBillKickoff

    Bible Study Revisited

    After receiving some feedback about our weekly study, I have decided to conduct a bi-weekly study on Monday nights at 10:00. The first study was held on Feb 5th, and we are currently studying the book of Hebrews.
  15. []WildBillKickoff

    Alliance Bible Study Night

    Hey folks! Just wanted to let you guys know that we have an alliance Bible Study every other Monday night. We started the book of Hebrews last time, so we're going to be looking at chapter 2 tonight. Everyone is welcome to come, and I look forward to seeing some of you there. Here's a link to...
  16. []WildBillKickoff

    Bible Study 2/19/07: Hebrews 2

    We're meeting again at 10:00 EST, right after Heroes. For your reference, here is the text with a couple of notes: Hebrews 2, NIV 1 We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. 2 For if the message spoken by angels was binding, and...
  17. []WildBillKickoff

    Pwned by a 3 year old

    We're babysitting for one of my son's friends from preschool from Friday to Tuesday. No big deal, right? WRONG. The interloper is sleeping in our office, instead of any other room in my house that I'm not in from 10-12pm every dadgum night. So, I'm forced to be off GW for the most part for the...
  18. []WildBillKickoff

    Bible Study 2/5/07, 10pm EST SoE hall

    We'll be studying the first chapter of Hebrews. I look forward to seeing lots of you there! BTW, trivia prize will be given out; we'll start with the trivia contest at 10pm EST sharp, so be on time to be eligible for the prize.
  19. []WildBillKickoff

    King of the Hill, CGA Style

    A King of the Hill thread works like this: The initial post is the first KotH. Each successive post must explain how the previous king was removed from the hill in a creative manner, with that poster being the new KotH. Traditionally, the "winner" is the person who makes the final post...
  20. []WildBillKickoff

    8v8 coming back to HA?

    For a while, anyway. Here's a post on GWGuru from Gaile Gray: