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  1. Valin

    Unless the Lord builds the house...

    Adding to the prayers.
  2. Valin

    Back...would like to add some alts to the guild

    Title says it all...I've been back for just under 2 months (having great fun after a long break) and I've noticed that both sides of the Guild are pretty much in status mode. I would like to add a few of my new alts to both sides of the guild - would it be possible to do so? Thanks,
  3. Valin

    Just announced at PAX South..

    Yeah, I hadn't known about the WvW implode drama last year till I did some forum research yesterday. The past 3 days in WvW have been pretty much SoR rolling hard and it seems that new commanders are getting experience which is always cool. Thank you for the link.
  4. Valin

    Just announced at PAX South..

    My wife and I recently re-loaded the game this there have been a lot of changes. Doing some catch up but got my fix of WvW, seems SoR is still pretty dominant unless it was just a poor match up. Look forward to seeing y'all.
  5. Valin

    Family Prayers Please

    My prayers are with you Kahiel. :(
  6. Valin

    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Swapped back to Skyrim till after some real life stuff settles down (new job, selling house, buying new one, blegh). I can't believe just how active the modders still are for Skyrim, it's crazy!
  7. Valin

    Strife key

    Oh Strife (the old one) of my school buddies from waaaaay back was on of the devs on that sucker. I loved that game, one of the first with FPS and RPG mixed. Ah, the memories......
  8. Valin

    Douple XP

    I like using the double xp periods to work on alts that I have way too many of... :)
  9. Valin

    Spoils of War

    a whole week of double xp, wow... Looking good!
  10. Valin

    Wild Speculation About the Direction of SWToR

    Yeah, Oscar Meyer material I agree...but thumbs up for level of effort.
  11. Valin

    Updates 2.8 and 2.9

    Thanks, too many TLA's to keep track of. (three letter acronyms)
  12. Valin

    Updates 2.8 and 2.9

    WoD? Which game is that, the only one that comes to mind is World of Darkness which I though was cancelled.
  13. Valin

    Subscription Referral Codes

    Here is my code:
  14. Valin

    Star Wars 7 Cast....

    Totally agree about Obi Wan - I've always loved Ewan's work and he just can't do flat acting. Just like how Ford was the stand out from 4-6.
  15. Valin

    Star Wars 7 Cast....

    "midichlorians" This, right here, who the heck thought this was a good idea?
  16. Valin

    Star Wars 7 Cast....

    At this point I'm pretty sure anything they do will be better than those prequels....gag.
  17. Valin

    Star Wars 7 Cast.... Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  18. Valin

    Player Housing Coming Soon?

    Eh - they have to keep people on the hook somehow. :)
  19. Valin

    Application and Introduction

    Awesome, thanks...updated sig with all toons. So many changes I need to learn.
  20. Valin

    Application and Introduction

    No worries Alerron, I know how that goes. If you wanted to set up a time window where we could hook up for an invite that may work better - I've got 2-3 characters that I am kicking the tires on and I made sure to add you to all their friends lists. Thanks again... Edit: We've also started...