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  1. Kahiel

    Ho-ly Cow!

    Well, this is a praise... As you guys well know, we've been going through a lot in my household, especially this past year and the last month. Tuesday my wife kind of gave me a nudge before bed that she had heard about a job fair the local cable TV/Internet provider was holding. She kept on...
  2. Kahiel

    Pray for my mom

    My mom collapsed in the bathroom this morning. He was not breathing and when the EMTs got here, her heart had stopped. They were able to get a pulse and take her to the hospital. Please be in prayer for her and the rest of us.
  3. Kahiel

    Emergency Prayer Request

    Please pray for my son Patrick. He's been missing since yesterday. He's in his first semester at college (four hours away) and about a month ago had a depressive episode and "shut down." We thought we had him past that, he's gone to the counseling center and he's on anti-depressants now. I...
  4. Kahiel

    Praise Report

    I had the honor of baptising my youngest son tonight. We had our first communion and baptism at the church we are helping to plant. We baptized eight new believers tonight. To God be the glory!
  5. Kahiel

    Another Request

    Hey, I haven't been hanging out here as much as I used to so I haven't been keeping you guys up on stuff. Since the church collapsed I have been in a pretty dark place. I have been applying for jobs but not having much luck. I did have a phone interview with a local college, but never heard...
  6. Kahiel


    The first seven minutes of KotFE from IGN
  7. Kahiel

    SDCC Code Code from Comicon. Don't know what all you get, but give it a shot.
  8. Kahiel

    Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire

    New news about SWTOR. EA is expected to announce the next expansion for SWTOR on June 15.
  9. Kahiel

    Prayer for a friend

    There's a wonderful woman who attended our former church. I worked with her daughters in the youth group. She has been avoiding going to the doctor because she can't afford it but she finally went this week and got the dreaded cancer diagnosis. The doctor said off the record that it has...
  10. Kahiel

    New Voice Acting?

    I found a link on reddit that they are starting to record more voice acting for SWTOR. I saw a previous post several weeks back saying that BioWare had canceled a project and taken the funds for SWTOR. I couldn't access the...
  11. Kahiel

    Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  12. Kahiel

    Prayer for my family

    Been a lousy week. My cousin's husband is the mayor of Toledo, Ohio. He was checking the roads during the snow storm had a cardiac event and crashed his car. The things we are hearing are not good. Please keep the city and his family in your prayers.
  13. Kahiel

    Prayer for Eye surgery

    Hi all, If you could keep me in your prayers this week I would appreciate it. Friday (around 11 EST) I will be having cataract surgery on my right eye. I don't like anything touching my eyes, getting the glaucoma test this fall was awful the poor girl had to try for over 20 minutes with two...
  14. Kahiel

    Christmas, er I mean, Life Day 2014

    The Life Day event starts today. There are a lot of cool toys to buy. Like last year, you throw snowballs at people which gives you a chance to pick up a Snow-Covered Present which you can trade in for fun stuff.
  15. Kahiel

    First Impressions of Shadows of Revan

    I don't want to give away any spoilers so I am going to talk in very general terms. First off, so far I like the expansion. The story has a good flow and the voice acting is the same quality as the original class mission. You do get a cut scene at the beginning with your companions which...
  16. Kahiel

    Black Friday on the Cartel Market

    For those who didn't catch it last year, for Black Friday BW runs a bunch of specials on the Cartel Market through the day. Last year is was a special deep discount on a different item each hour as well as discounts on other things. Dulfy will run a list of the deals as they are announced. I...
  17. Kahiel

    Life Day Preview

    They posted a preview of this year's Life Day speeder. Pretty cool.
  18. Kahiel

    Last minute preaching opportunity.

    Hey, if ya all could pray for me I would appreciate it. I got a text on Tuesday night that a friend of mine had double booked himself to preach on Sunday and asked if I could fill in for him at one of our sister churches. I agreed but obviously don't have a lot of prep time so I am dusting off...
  19. Kahiel

    Say good bye to Skill Trees!

    The new discipline system is going to do away with the old Skill Trees. I am still researching it so the jury is out still. Read the rest here
  20. Kahiel

    Shadows of Revan PreOrder Now Available

    The new expansion has been announced, Shadows of Revan. If you did the new series of flash points (Tython/Korriban, and Manaan) you saw the teaser and know where this is heading. Preorders include 7 days early access and xp boost. I don't see anything about raising the level cap which I...