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  1. janc


    We're getting a new playable species! Altaholics rejoice! I was just reading through some info for the new "Customization" patch, and along with the new playable Cathar species it sounds like we'll be able to change character appearance (including race) through a new vendor. In light of that...
  2. janc

    Minecraft Middle Earth

    Project to build a 1:3 to 1:4 scale version of Middle Earth in Minecraft:
  3. janc


    Does anyone here play Star Trek Online, or know of a Christian fleet? I've recently gotten back into it, but I'm not enjoying the conduct of the fleet I'm in. I've gotten spoiled playing other games with members of ToJ and LoJ.
  4. janc


    I had a gate from my house to Herod's Temple, but when I logged in today it was gone. When I tried to recreate, I got the message "you don't have permission to create gates". Has something changed with how gates are handled? My gate to the nether is still functional.
  5. janc

    Old Newbie advice request

    I recently tried getting back into GW, but so much has changed that I can't seem to get restarted. I tried starting up in the Eye of the North area, but I keep getting pummelled solo, even with the beginning quests. After some failed attempts at soloing I ended up giving up, but I'd like to get...
  6. janc


    Anyone here have some tips for newbies to this type of game? The only game like this I've played is Demigod, and I haven't even played that much.
  7. janc


    Had a thought tonight about building a model of the ark on the server. Has anyone done this yet? I think I have enough room around my island to do it. I'll need to do some research and see how much info I can find.
  8. janc

    characters transferred

    If anyone notices some of my characters leaving the guild, it's because I transferred over my original characters from Deepwood with the same names. I'll need to get these characters invited to the guild: Avagdu Andranos Galaris Dobhir
  9. janc

    picked up the game

    I was able to pick up a copy of Brink today. Once I get settled and familiar with the game, I'd enjoy joining some games with you.
  10. janc

    planning ahead

    Planning ahead for when I can connect... For starting to build on the server, what's the general method of "staking a claim" and starting to build? I don't want to intrude on another project. I also don't want to reduce the property value for the people already here. :) I'm looking forward...
  11. janc


    Hey everyone. I just now noticed ToJ has a Minecraft server (yes, I'm a little slow). I've been playing Minecraft single player for a while, so I might hop onto the server to see what it's like. One quick question, though: when I try to connect, the game disconnects me and says "outdated...
  12. janc

    Patch 1.3, free character transfers I'll be moving my higher-level characters over to this server when it's available. :)
  13. janc

    character glitch, need officer help

    I just recreated a character last weekend and reused a name of a character that used to be in the guild. Because of this, nobody can invite him into the guild. If I could get an officer to log in and boot the original character, that should take care of the problem. The character name is...
  14. janc

    interested in rejoining

    I just reinstalled GW, and when I logged in my main characters weren't in the guild...who do I need to pester to get back in? :) It's been a while since I played, so I'm relearning.
  15. janc

    sad story A trust fund has been set up for his family:
  16. janc

    Assault on Balaurea?

    What does everyone think of this patch? I haven't seen much reaction to it, and I'm curious what players think. Now that things appear to be settling down for me, I'm bouncing around the idea of reactivating at least to check it out.
  17. janc

    anyone actively playing Global Agenda?

    I'm thinking of picking the game up, curious if anyone here still plays it. I searched and found some old threads about it, but not much recent.
  18. janc

    alt woes

    Because I'm bored.... I need more character slots. I can't settle on which classes I enjoy the most, and keep shuffling characters between servers to level them up and still have the guild around. I think Mythic was too good at making every class fun...there's no clear-cut "bad" class that...
  19. janc

    Destruction outing

    A few of us did some adventuring on the Destruction side last night (Badlands server, Fismits guild for those who don't know) I used to play Destruction before I found out about Redeemed, so it was fun dusting off the old characters. It would be fun to do that more often. My question is, what...
  20. janc

    LOTRO going free to play

    Found this article today: Can't say I'm really surprised considering the population of LotRO and how successful DDO has been with that model. Incidentally, does anyone in ToJ play...