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  1. inkelis

    Account resurrect?

    I heard there has been some cool updates and some cool perks for being resurrected. Anyone out there want to resurrect me?
  2. inkelis


    I can't seem to log in when your online. What time do you usually play?
  3. inkelis

    Where is everyone?!

    Where did everyone go!?!? We need to get some more activity in here!
  4. inkelis

    Practice league

    Are you guys staying in the practice or just moving on to the big leagues? I think i'm going to move on right now. Hopefully i didn't just make a big mistake.
  5. inkelis


    I hate to be the one weirdo who makes threads about sex... But, i value your opinions and appreciate your knowledge of the bible. With that being said, i had a few questions about lust. I'm hoping this forum is a good place to post this. Just in case, i'll add a spoiler. *If you are offended...
  6. inkelis

    Does the topic of sex have a stigma attached to it?

    First off, I'd like to say i love sex. I have a very active sex life, and i'm constantly researching ways to make it more interesting between me and my wife. With that being said, i understand why some individuals remain abstinent. But part of me thinks that most individuals may do it for the...
  7. inkelis

    WoW guild LFM for 2nd 10 man raid group.

    The Fish and Bread Trick is a family friendly Christian guild located on the horde side of Ghostlands. We are currently recruiting for a second raid team for progression into ICC. Our raid times are as follows: Tuesday- TBD ( In the evening, somewhere around 5PM PST) Thursday- ^ See above We...
  8. inkelis

    Vista home premium.

    On my desktop i have the same windows, but it seems to be a cut and dry UI (No fancy stuff on the top and bottom, and the start menu is closer to Xp's than anything.). It also seems to run less ram intensive, and i'm wondering if i can change some settings in this vista to make it the same as...
  9. inkelis

    Slow network?

    I'm just wondering my my LAN is so slow. Whenever i try to transfer files from my computer to my laptop over the LAN it's transfer speed is only 46kb/s making it faster for me to just download the file off the internet. What gives? Both computers are using a wireless-N connection and are...
  10. inkelis

    Fallen Earth?

    Anyone out there play fallen earth? I got the 10 day free trial and have been very happy with it. I'm probably going to buy it in the next few days. if any of your play and want to chat or do some quests let me know. Also, if you have any questions about the game i'll try to answer them.
  11. inkelis

    State of the game?

    Whats it look like these days? i played it for a few months after release. I mainly quit because the community quit. Whats it look like now? Good steady pop or still pretty dead?
  12. inkelis

    MW2, do you play?

    Hey if you guys play Modern warfare 2 add me. i'm on it all the time. My PSN is "Inkelis"
  13. inkelis

    Vent service provider

    I'm looking to purchase a vent server for my guild. I'm asking for advice on which service provider i should go with. Also, i need it to be cheap... I'm looking for a 15-man server at the moment. Thanks in advance guys.
  14. inkelis

    Whats up?

    How is everyone? I own a ps3 and a few games for it. This is my list of games. -Killzone 2 -Grand Theft Auto IV -Farcry2 -Borderlands -Rainbow six Vegas 2 -Red faction 2 -Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising -Infamous --------------- How do you guys manage the chapter? I've lead...
  15. inkelis

    I'm here!

    Ok, so i decided to roll on this server for good. I created a froglock warden last night. I'll be contacting you guys later on in the day for an invite! P.S. I might flood the guild chat with questions about EQ2, heh.
  16. inkelis


    Is there such a thing as a questhelper mod for Eq2? Something similiar in concept to the questhelper you could get for WoW?
  17. inkelis


    What is the differance between the the server types? Specifically; Exchange, PvP, and PvE? I've played PvP and PvE and can't tell a differance.
  18. inkelis

    Starting clean with a pc?

    Ok, my long time computer is now becoming my wife's. I'm wondering how i go about doing that? will i need the original OS for the wipe? and how do i go about doing a clean sweep anyways? i can't seem to find a way to do a complete clean HD... I've done this all before a few years ago, but...
  19. inkelis

    Raiding with Redeemed?

    As most of you know, i'm in another guild with a buddy of mine from long ago. We are raiding through 10-man content right now. Recently i have really been missing the fellowship of Redeemed. So, here is my proposal. If you guys ever end up having to pug any melee for 25 mans (I would assume...
  20. inkelis

    Need a suggestion on a book choice.

    So, I'm looking for a good book to read. Here is what i'm looking for. I'm looking for a futuristic science fiction. Or really just a good solid science fiction. I would prefer the book to be futuristic, as i'm a little burnt out on the magic/unicorn books. I'm currently reading "The furys...