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  1. Strong Fortress

    New Guild Leader

    Everyone Welcome Vallados as your new guild leader. Anifinty has had a lot of RL issues to deal with (the happiest of which is the pregnancy of our first child), so she has not been able to play very much. I know that she has a real heart for MSC and prays for its continual growth. I have to...
  2. Strong Fortress

    My leadership

    I just wanted to let everyone know that this thread is outdated. Vallados has assumed command of MSC. This has been in the plans for some time, but was just recently changed over. So, everyone welcome Vallados as your new Guild Leader.
  3. Strong Fortress

    New Transfer

    i am the guild bank. send me a pm or talk to me in guild chat for some bags if you need it and guild tabards. My main is Thomashunter. The guild bank is bankmsc. Hope to see you soon.
  4. Strong Fortress

    Bilble Study 20 July 2007

    A quote from a book I read comes to mind. " We sacrifice the Eternal on the Alter of the Immediate." We put off what will give us eternal rewards and Glorify God to do whatever we want now. I thinks this is a message that many of us need reminded of. The more I am away from prayer...
  5. Strong Fortress

    Instance for Thursday

    I'd be interested in ZF in anyone has the Hammer!
  6. Strong Fortress

    Prayer Meeting

    You did a very good job. I wanted to make sure you know that.
  7. Strong Fortress

    Hi all. :)

    I am the guild bank. My player character is Thomas Hunter. The bank is bankmsc. I can give you an invite if I am on. Also my wife is Anifinity (aka Notashamed) who is the guild leader. She can also give you an invite. Welcome aboard!
  8. Strong Fortress

    Guild Bank Goodies

    This is an updated list for the Guild Bank. There are some recent additions not listed yet. Many are stuck in the mail because I do not have room in the guild bank bags. I have listed a number (marked as such: ** )of items below that will be sold, vendored, or disenchanted if no one requests...
  9. Strong Fortress

    vote for thursday

    I voted for Zull Farrak just for something different...I do not know much about these levels...but I could do Sunken Temple again.
  10. Strong Fortress

    poll for thursday

    I could do either of the first 2, but the others are just too high for me.. i'm level 44 now.. I did Sunken Temple last week with you guys and a few of the Bosses were ?? for me. That was when I was level 43. But it was fun :)
  11. Strong Fortress

    How is Bible Study Going

    I think you are doing a good job with them.
  12. Strong Fortress

    Are You Wiser than a 5th Grader Bible Study 5-21-07

    "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24 (NIV) This rich man valued his wealth over his relationship with God. Does God require us to be poor? No, of course not, but he does command us...
  13. Strong Fortress

    Big Bible Appeal

    Any responses...:( I thought this was great!
  14. Strong Fortress

    For aspiring Tanks...

    Well, Tank you very much for supplying this for those aspiring Tanks. ;)
  15. Strong Fortress

    Leather Working Items

    This is absolutely great...I hope it is well used. The guild bank is updated with a number of mats that could be used for some of these items. Contact me if you need any mats to help create one of these items. Good Work Kleburg! :D
  16. Strong Fortress

    Men's Forum Grand Opening

    sounds great to me!
  17. Strong Fortress

    Guess that quote!

    Star Wars Episode II: Yoda :) Try this: "Do you like your pizza with penecillin?"
  18. Strong Fortress

    Bible Study 4-23-07

    I'm not sure what to add about grace except this: Grace is completely undeserved, yet we expect it. We need to not expect it because by its very definition we don't deserve it. We can, however, desire grace. We desire God's grace. He gives it because he loves us. So I would say the...
  19. Strong Fortress

    Guild Bank Goodies

    Thank you for your donations.