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  1. Brizle


    Anyone down to play? I'm down for anything from ranked to customs. Brizles summoner name.
  2. Brizle


    Im around more so if anyone need an officer msg me on forums and I should be able to log on to help out whether its an alt invite or someone new to the guild
  3. Brizle

    New to Guild Wars

    I personally did not play guild wars and as such was not apart of the SoE guild. However in both the ToJ forums and what I've read on the LoE Facebook page I really am getting the feeling that there is a pretty hardcore guild wars 1 group that is pretty set in its group structure. Since I...
  4. Brizle


    Anyone tried out the in game pvp yet? I didn't get a chance before I had to go to work. Also is it like wow where you just click a button to get into pvp or do you go somewhere?
  5. Brizle

    so far so great!

    Only an hour or so into playing and its awesome!!
  6. Brizle

    Beta weekend

    Anyone else here playing gw2 this weekend?
  7. Brizle

    happy new year!

    Happy new year Redeemed! Thanks for making 2011 so awesome!
  8. Brizle

    Player Switch

    Skjota and Kyle if you can raid on Monday Wednesday Please show up. Raithin and Psyrin need to switch to Tuesday Thursday. Will miss you guys but sounds like you two were the only that were free to raid those days :'(
  9. Brizle

    In true redeemed style

  10. Brizle

    Team Brizle 4.3

    I'm taking a leaf out of Fierces book. (direct copy/paste muhaha) ________________________________________ I'm requiring my teammates to watch the videos up to Hagara. Please reply here once you are comfortable with the fight AND can explain your role to me for each fight, if asked...
  11. Brizle


    Raid on Thanksgiving, you vote what we do
  12. Brizle


    New raid on Tuesday? Any strategy vids out yet?
  13. Brizle

    Guardian Cub Not gonna lie, I bought myself one. IF prices are high I'll sell it. If not I'm adding it to my collection. I think its an awesome pet. Figured we could use a form that doesnt deal with next...
  14. Brizle

    Team Brizle

    Current Roster Update Tuesday,Thursday 6:00 PM ST Tanks Brootess Brizle DPS Arnjborn Cyncopation Kracerx Mehlani Shadram Raithin Healers Brizzle Legnase Psyrin Kelderath Petromight Subs/Alts Angryson Cupcakeplz Goodlife Holymac Kysif Nubbykins Update Nov 1...
  15. Brizle

    Tribute to Steve Jobs For those that missed the news yesterday.
  16. Brizle

    Raid Ready

    Hello raiders! Those that choose to make the step from player to raider are stepping into an exciting aspect of WOW. For those of you that have raided before you already know the thrill that comes from downing end game bosses and the fun of being in a group bigger than 5 people. Healers are...
  17. Brizle

    Bye Bye Brizle

    Hey guildies! Sadly Brizle is going to be looking for a little bit more progressed FL guild. That being said I love you all and will still keep Clerros in redeemed for the occasional raid and all around good time. You guys are a blast and Redeemed is amazing. I still plan on being activly...
  18. Brizle

    Lets kill stuff

    What up fellow raiders! Well if you havent seen it I posted a "I'm back" msg in general. But more importantly, I am ready to get my kill on! Cannon wait to be downing bosses again with you fine raiders, and pushing forward with some good old (band your head against the desk) progression...
  19. Brizle


    Guildies! Fellow players! And most importantly, FRIENDS! I return from my isolated ocean island! I will be back in the USA on May 21st 9:05pm PST. I have missed each of you so much! Its not WoW the game I missed, but you, the players that were what always came to my mind when I though...
  20. Brizle

    Gone March-May

    Hey Redeemed, I will not be on wow for the months of March, April, and May. This is because I have accepted a mission call to go teach in the Marshall Islands. This was a last notice sort of thing, the person who previously was at that post had to leave for unexpected reasons. They...