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  1. SamIam

    Guild Question

    Howdy y'all. I've been dabbling in SWTOR lately and have some guild questions: 1. Still on Begeren? 2. How many active players, roughly? 3. What times/zone are y'all most active? I plan on just being a casual player; no Ops, just FPs & WZs.
  2. SamIam

    Worgen Mounts Revealed I have mixed feelings about this. I think I like it. At least, I want to like it.
  3. SamIam

    TS3 Update

    I logged onto TS and it automatically updated it. Now, it won't log onto our server; it says the server needs updating. Y'all gonna update the server or do i need to back out the update?
  4. SamIam

    Prayer Request

    Shuranda tore a tendon in her ankle; her surgery is tomorrow (Friday) at 8am CST. She won't be able to put any weight on it for 6 weeks. Prayers appreciated.
  5. SamIam

    Popoki's Blues

    It was a typical evening in the Redeemed’s Guild Hall. Members began straggling in, seeking respite from the constant struggle against the forces of Destruction. Serdoc, Kutluch and Samette were studying maps of the current battlefields and discussing new strategies in hopes of turning the...
  6. SamIam

    The Winds Impervious Set Guide

    There is a 3-piece jewelry set that has some nice defensive stats. I suggest everyone do it; i'll be starting on it tonight.
  7. SamIam

    Ambriana and the Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Hair

    I'm reposting this, since it, too, mysteriously disappeared after the server crash. Make sure you give Sheri grief until she pulls her hair out. :D The reference to a Gnomish Cranial Folic Overlay is from an old story I wrote for WoW. So is the reference about Shebaely's nose ring. If...
  8. SamIam

    RvR Night

    I plan on having a regularly scheduled oRvR night every Friday evening at 7pm Central time. Please be signed in and ready by 7pm. It will last as long as people are interested/able. That said, neither Shuranda, nor I will be able to attend this Friday. Sorry, but RL just reared its ugly...
  9. SamIam

    Standard Tactics

    We 2-3 tactics that we need to purchase for our standard(s). We would like some input from those of you who have done a substantial amount of T4 oRvR. Which tactics are useful? Which are not? Should we have one ranged standard and one melee? One offense, one defense? Etc, etc. Please keep...
  10. SamIam

    Ode to Heroes

    Ode to Heroes War raged throughout Avelorn, Its lush verge sundered and torn. Battle’s constant ebb and flo, Taking of keeps and BOs. Up stood a warrior priest, Sickened by war’s bloody feast. Come brave kinsmen! he did call, To High Pass! he beckoned all. Some were done with the...
  11. SamIam

    State of the Game Announcement

    From today's Herald:
  12. SamIam


    Shuranda, my favorite wife, is 40 today! :eek:
  13. SamIam

    The End of Gilgadoc?

    Check this out.
  14. SamIam

    Info Request for RVR Events

    Abram and I have the honor of being the guild's RVR Leaders. To better serve you in that capacity, we need some info in order to begin scheduling events. These events will primarly be focused on Keep siege/defense and battlefield objectives; I'm sure we'll be doing some organized scenarios as...
  15. SamIam

    How to Take a Capital City

    Found this interesting, not ever having seen it before. This is an excerpt from Tobold's blog.
  16. SamIam

    RvR Screenshots

    Shuranda and I were doin' a lil' scenario RvR on alts last night. This one was total pwnage! But this one was by far the most gratifying. We didn't have a single healer! Post your memorable moments here.
  17. SamIam

    SamIAm and Shebaely MIA

    Howdy all. My father and stepmother paid us a surprise visit yesterday. They'll be staying for a week, so you wont be seeing us much, if at all, until then. In the meantime, please pray for us. This will be a trying week (not to mention WAR withdrawals).
  18. SamIam

    Does Icthus Spam Too Many Polls?

  19. SamIam

    SamIAm Introduction

    I saw Alcorn's intro thread and thought it was a good idea. So... I'm 41, married for 15 years, have twin daughters that are 14, and live in San Antonio, TX. I work for an Air Force contractor that trains aircrew members to fly various aircraft. My wife, Shuranda, stays at home and...
  20. SamIam

    Warhammer Anyone?

    Hey, some of us WoW players are trying out WAR. If you're interested, we're on the Abhorash beta server. You can look for my toons: Samage Saminator Samolation Samgineer ...or send me a PM here. As added incentive, Shuranda is trying it out as well. So, if you miss her come say howdy.