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  1. Koeril

    A call to prayer for Ukraine:

    A CALL TO PRAYER FOR UKRAINE: “And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it…” 1 Cor. 12:26 You may have seen in the news recently that Ukraine, a former Soviet republic sandwiched between Russia and the European Union, is in the middle of massive street protests. These...
  2. Koeril

    Useful PvE items ... Wooden Potato's utility belt

    This video is great!
  3. Koeril

    Family health and immigration issues (overseas missions)

    My family seems to be constantly plagued by sickness. Please remember us in your prayers. The sudden change in weather didn't help, I'm sure (went from no snow to about 3-4 ft snow this week). At least the kids play well together and allow my wife and I to rest when possible. Wife -...
  4. Koeril

    Info on Legendaries

    I put together a spreadsheet to track my progress toward obtaining a legendary. For me, it is the dagger and so this is specific to my needs. However, I thought it may be interesting for people to see exactly how much goes into getting a legendary and to see if they want to try for it instead...
  5. Koeril

    GW2Guru and PvP Roundtable w/ Dev

    Nice article: I've not done sPvP yet at all, specifically because of the lack of matchmaking. I'm not a good PvP'er and likely never will be. Sure, I can twitch aim and do fairly decent in games like FPS's that require quick reflexes, but in...
  6. Koeril

    Alternate source of ectos

    I've been farming ectos in Orr with some success. A good long day of farming can give around 10 with about 5g on the side. It's a nice way to make cash, but I end up with a lot of side supplies ... large bones, mithril, silk, etc. However, today I just finished off Armorsmithing and I got to...
  7. Koeril

    A word on fractals of the mist dungeon

    Just making a PSA that this is a very fun dungeon. Unfortunately, I was with a guildie (can't remember who) when they first came out and we spent over an hour trying to do the swamp and became very frustrated. I swore off FotM for 24 hours and just tried it again with a couple other guildies...
  8. Koeril

    Comprehensive Mesmer Guide

    I know I've heard a lot of people who say that they want to make a Mesmer alt if for nothing other than doing portals and I personally will be making a Mesmer to play alongside my bro-in-law. While searching around for info on builds/skills/traits/etc I found this 4 (soon to be 5) part series...
  9. Koeril

    WvW builds and ideas - Thief

    A long time ago, I said I would post some ideas and examples of how to play a thief in WvW. Please note that these ideas are generalities and may apply to sPvP, but since I don't do sPvP, you'll need to work that out on your own. I highly believe that a person needs to find their own build and...
  10. Koeril

    Must ... get ... up ... tower!!!

    >_< Got about halfway last night while hanging out with Giga, Ryan, and Raven ... I will conquer it!! I applaud all of you who have made it up!
  11. Koeril

    Praise and prayer for us and our church in Ukraine.

    Wrote up our mid-month prayer request emailing. Please feel free to pray for us: Mid-Month Prayer Update TL;DR - Pray for my family and church. We got a lot going on and it is overwhelming at times.
  12. Koeril

    An interesting chart I found ... for the crafters

    This could be of use for anyone who, like me, plans to go hog-wild with crafting.
  13. Koeril

    On behalf of a fellow missionary

    A fellow missionary from my church serving in Thailand sent this request earlier. Please pray. Thank you.
  14. Koeril

    Going to server transfer

    Hi all, While facing ever increasing troubles with internet lag, I am going to be forced to server transfer from Sanctum of Rall to a European server. While I have a decent internet connection (10Mbps down and 1Mbps up), it is getting worse and worse every week. Even now in PvE I am having...
  15. Koeril

    Build help

    So I'm about to hit 80 and I'm planning some long term builds - I like to iron out and know what I'm doing. I don't plan to do much sPvP (this might change) , but want to finish up the PvE content, including dungeons on explorable, and also enjoying WvW frequently. I'm pretty sure I want to...
  16. Koeril

    Suggestion made on GW2 wiki - feel free to discuss pros/cons

    >> Link << Found out that the only real way to make a suggestion to ANet is via the wiki and so I went through the arduous process and got one made. Feel free to discuss it because, the more attention it gets, the better. Constructive criticism is very welcome, even if opposed - I can take...
  17. Koeril

    Stacking buffs like perception/bloodlust/corruption

    I bought two major sigils today for perception and bloodlust. Apparently, you can only build one stack of buffs at any given time, so I wanted to warn others about avoiding spending the money on 2 of them :) This goes for corruption also, as far as I read.
  18. Koeril

    Enigmius' Crafting Guide Videos (ver 2.0)

    In beta, I watched a few crafting guides from this guy which helped me get a grasp of it before the game came out. Now that the game is out, he is redo-ing his guide in a more comprehensive manner. It is still a work in progress because not all videos have been released, however, I am going to...
  19. Koeril

    Thank you

    Hi guys, just wanted to say thank you for giving me a group of people, and potentially friends as we get to know each other better, to hang out with in game. It's a shame that getting together for an AC run hasn't worked out yet, but hopefully I will get some freed up time Sunday night (Monday...
  20. Koeril

    Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle

    I'm going to be giving a shot at the Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle tonight (bear in mine I am in GMT+2) if anyone wants to come along with. From what I read it is the most difficult of all of them and I'll be alt-tabbing a lot to make sure I don't screw up as there are no check points...