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  1. inkelis

    Account resurrect?

    I heard there has been some cool updates and some cool perks for being resurrected. Anyone out there want to resurrect me?
  2. inkelis

    PSA: How to opt out of class action waiver

    I did not catch this... Lets just hope i never need to file a class action lawsuit against them.
  3. inkelis

    RIFT™ Half-Birthday Celebration Kicks off August 25th

    I'm looking forward to it!
  4. inkelis

    First UbiSoft, now Blizzard

    I'm completely OK with this. It's been obvious to me for quite a while that we are not purchasing the game but rather purchasing a service that could be denied at any time. IE. MMO's that have had their servers shut down. BTW, i think this actually adds to the Achievement portion of all the...
  5. inkelis

    Do this with me

    Friend of mine is doing that in Oregon.
  6. inkelis

    Placed against this guy....

    I've actually ran into a similiar situation. My 2v2 is in the silver bracket, and i seem to play nothing but diamond/platinum/master. But i seem to be performing pretty well.
  7. inkelis


    Accountability partners are great. But really a good workout partner does wonders. If you don't have the luxury of a workout partner, then i would suggest joining a fitness website ( Or start up a program such as p90x and join their community. It has taking me over a year...
  8. inkelis


    I can't seem to log in when your online. What time do you usually play?
  9. inkelis

    Placed against this guy....

    ^ This Was this a placement match?
  10. inkelis


    Hey! I'm actually going for a degree in exercise science, so i would love to see what you have to say about this.
  11. inkelis


    The ESRB rating for Duke nukem sounded strangely familiar to my highschool. lol
  12. inkelis

    I'm pretty sure you didn't see this coming. Ever.

    If they took "Vietnam" out of the title would you guys feel differently about this? Personally, it never even crossed my mind until you guys mentioned it. I stand more on the side of, "This is a clever idea".
  13. inkelis

    Replay, Tell Me What You Think

    Did you confirm that it is really him? pretty good replay.
  14. inkelis

    [For Sale] Odale's Gaming Computer

    If Mordos does the same then you'll have to sell it to me. =D
  15. inkelis

    Who are your favorite players?

    incontrol live near me! Oh, and i like liquidTLO.
  16. inkelis

    There's A New Character Creation System in Town

    Haha, the celebrities are the best!
  17. inkelis

    who wants to play tibia?!

    It looks like it belongs on the original game boy.
  18. inkelis

    Forever Lazy this is awesome!

    ^_^ There "commercial" is comical. Would someone ever where this in public? I would not.
  19. inkelis

    A Little 20 Questions Fun

    I thought for sure i'd have him with Tony Horton, The guy from p90x. but, somehow he got it.