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    awesome praise and request

    howdy. first of all- our guatemala trip was a success. thanks for the prayers. we really felt the power of prayer on our trip. Everything went smoothly, and we encountered very little of satan's resistance. And when we did feel evil- we were not afraid because we knew God was protecting us. We...
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    final bible study details

    Hey- im back from guatemala. Awesome time. I decided to start this post in order to get the final details for the bible study set in stone. from the last meeting- this is what im under the impression that has been decided: - each leader come up with their own material, for now. Then start with...
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    missions trip to guatemala

    Hey guys, i'll be leaving on a missions trip to guatemala on the 24th. Me, 9 other youth, and 3 adults from our church will be working alongside two missionaries from the International Mission Board in Manhas, Guatemala. We will be going door-to-door in planned areas passing out the gospel of...
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    ccgr in PC Gamer magazine

    Hey i was reading the latest from PC Gamer magazine (september 2004, volume 11 number 9) and on page 94 in the "opinion" section, and the "killing Box" article, they write about different communities or groups of gamers. In the article they mention Homosexual Gamers, Women gamers, Christian...
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    bible study details

    Hey guys, i guess we need to decide on how long the bible study should be, if we are going to have a theme, or a progressing study (book of the bible, etc etc). Here's my idea. 15 minutes to a half hour. For now just do a book of the bible. The leaders would meet for 15 minutes either right...
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    new hl mod

    hey there's a new hl mod out- its a 2d "scrolling adventure". I played it and it's actually not too bad. Similar to mario, only its like 100% halflife. You can even aim up and down and stuff!!!! The story line takes place inbetween hl1 and hl2. Pretty funny stuff.
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    suicidal friend

    Hey guys, an aquantience of mine, and a good friend of one of my friends is debating suicide probably as i type this message. I just ask that you pray for her that she will realize that her life isn't hopeless and that she may find hope in you. thanks- holy
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    ToJ Team Fortress Classic game

    Howdy, on friday, april 30th we're having a Team Fortress Classic game at 7pm CST. Absolutley everyone is invited, the more the better, no matter if you've even played before. lol. we dont care. The server is to be determined but we'll probably meet in some type of chatroom first to confirm...
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    Hey there will be a TFC game for toj on friday 4-30 at 7pm CST. Server is to be determined. More details to come in the tfc fourms. you guys have steam so u should be there.. lol. thanks, holycrusader
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    TFC Game

    Hey, anybody up for a planned TFC game sometime? If you're interested, goto the TFC fourm and post that you're interested and what day/time would be preferred.
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    Xbox live clan in the makings

    Howdy, me and a few other people are working on creating a new christian clan for xbox live. If ANYONE is interested, please contact me at or aim @ kraigory913 So far we have a messageboard (wo0t lol) so go here- for the board if you're...
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    new to cs

    hey i just got cs, my steam acct. is []h0ly[cRuSaDeR that's a zero not an "Oh" i'm usually on like from 6-8 or later daily. hope to cya around.
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    team fortress

    Hey guys i've decided to have a meeting on tfc sometime, probably in a game that i make and give the ip to everyone, etc. dont know for sure when, post in the tfc fourms if ya have a time that'd work well for you. I'm flexable on when, an would like a day when as many ppl as possible can come...
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    Team Fortress meeting

    hey in an attempt to get toj's team fortress chapter kickin, im holding a meeting/gathering/whatever ya wanna call it thing for anybody who plays. Just to talk an play, get to know people. Still undecided on time, goto toj's tfc fourms an post what time works best for you and then i'll decide on...
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    guys its kinda dead in here... I purpose we set a time or a couple of times just to get on wc3 an play a lil, or set up a meeting talkin about tourney, etc, or whatever. we need to do SOMETHING. I dont really care what- just purposing that we do something. It'd be nice if it was something soon...
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    new wc3 acct...

    hey i just got wc3 an my account is H0ly[cRuSader lookin forward to playin with u guys.
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    new member

    Hey im a new member i was wonderin what the team fortress server is? Also what tag is used? thanks- holycrusader
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    new member

    Hey im a new member an was wonderin about channels, tags, any other info i may need. thanks. -kraigory