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  1. Aleron

    Enjin Site

    I went to visit the LoE forums at and got an "inactive" notice. I don't think there's been much activity there lately. Is that something we want to continue to pay for?
  2. Aleron

    Double XP Weekend

    May the Fourth be with you! Hop on for some double-xp
  3. Aleron

    Flashpoint Friday

    We're looking to do a Flashpoint or two on Fridays starting this Friday (1/24/14). Think of some flashpoints you want to get done and hop on!
  4. Aleron

    Best Nights for Events

    Arwindir and I were chatting in game today and we figure it's time to start scheduling events such as Heroics, Flashpoints, Warzones, and Dailies. We're still too small for Ops but hopefully that will come in the future. So we need to figure out what days are best for folks. I don't want to...
  5. Aleron

    Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid Missions

    I think there are three of us at the point where we need to group up to continue. I'm at Raid on Arcanum on the Seeker Droid side and Dark Design for the Macrobinocular missions. There's one more Heroic 4 after Dark Design and three more Seeker Droid missions after Raid on Arcanum, with the...
  6. Aleron

    Gree Return May 21st

    The Gree are coming back on May 21st. "This is a great time for players at level 45+ to jump into the event before the event returns at level 55 in the future."
  7. Aleron

    Interview with Cory Butler

    Here's a link to an interesting interview with Cory Butler by He discusses the 2.1 update, Cathar, character customization... and TRANSFERS! Admittedly, that's kind of vague but it sounds like that transfers will be the next big thing after 2.1 releases...
  8. Aleron

    Servers down - April 8, 2013

    In case you're trying to log in, the servers went down a few minutes ago, presumably to get ready for the expansion. Early access begins tomorrow.
  9. Aleron

    Disney Shutters LucasArts

    This was probably inevitable...
  10. Aleron

    Origin Bug Allows Remote Exploits

    Saw this in the news today:
  11. Aleron

    Display Name Only Log In - Coming April 2, 2013
  12. Aleron

    Game Update 1.7: Return of the Gree

    Here's some info on the next update, "Return of the Gree:"
  13. Aleron

    Begeren Colony Empire Side?

    At least one person has mentioned that they have Empire toons on Begeren Colony. My daughter has some on the Empire side. Eventually I plan transferring my Empire toons to this server, but I'm curious as to who else has Empire toons on BC. If there are enough, we could create a guild on the...
  14. Aleron

    Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion

    $9.99 for subscribers :D
  15. Aleron

    End Game PvE & PvP Class Guides

    I was talking with Kahiel last night about this site. I couldn't find it in my bookmarks folder at the time, but here it is: I had been invited to a World Boss Op on Belsavis sometime last month and someone in the group mentioned this site. I re-spec'd my Sage...
  16. Aleron

    Petitions to release former Marine Jon Hammar jailed in Mexico

    If you haven't been following the news, there's a former Marine who was jailed a few months ago after crossing the border in Mexico on his way to a vacation in Costa Rica. He had a shotgun that he was going to use for hunting. Mexican "authorities" claimed it was one inch shorter than the 25"...
  17. Aleron

    Important! Private Message Cleanup

    I saw this on one of the other ToJ forums. Posting it here in case someone doesn't check the other forums.
  18. Aleron

    Important! Private Message Cleanup

    I saw this on one of the other ToJ forums. Posting it here in case someone doesn't check the other forums.
  19. Aleron

    Still time to get Cartel Coins (12/20/12) You can check your cartel coin status here If you subscribe, you'll get the subscriber benefits plus 500 coins per month. 3-month subscribers get 550 coins/month, 6-month subscribers get 600 coins/month
  20. Aleron

    1st Anniversary Fireworks