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    To whoever is in charge of membership

    Please delete my CGA and ToJ forum accounts. I am done with this group and want no more connections to it. Wolfeman
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    Christmas gifts - free games

    The past few years I've given out free games as Christmas gifts to lots of people. This year my steam wallet is almost empty and I can't afford to give out any gifts. However I do still have 3 games sitting in my inventory and I want to do what I can so if you want one of these 3 games and will...
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    November 19th my wife went into the hospital for induction. She has gestational diabetes and the baby was getting a bit larger than the doctor wanted so he decided to induce before her December 1st due date. After 50 hours of labor with little progression, they decided to preform a c-section...
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    I Thessalonians 5:22 + Romans 14:13

    1 Th 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. Rom 14:13 Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way. So often, conversations about whether or not we should do something (watch a...
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    TF2 Invasion?

    Not sure if this is real or not but it looks pretty neat either way.
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    Does your church have a theme and if so, What is it?

    Each year, my home church unveils a theme for the year. We try to focus around that theme for the year. Sunday school lessons, VBS, conferences, contests, outreach efforts, etc. Our theme for this year is "To be like Jesus" with 1 Peter 2:21 as the verse we focus it around. Five years ago or...
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    Gee, Thanks a lot Steam

    After being gone for the past week, I discovered that Steam Controllers were now available for pre-order as well as Fallout 4. My Steam wallet really took a hit today. Luckily I couldn't pre-order 2 controllers at a time to save on shipping so I only ordered 1. WHY STEAM WHY?!?!?!?!?
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    Gonna be a daddy again

    As the title states, God has blessed us with another forthcoming child and we are very excited about the blessing. However, deputation involves long hours on the road, staying in many different places and constant change. Our only daughter will turn 12 this May and both my wife and I are...
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    Happy Pi Day!!!
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    Titanfall Season Pass available for free for a limited time

    To celebrate Titanfall's one year anniversary, Origin has the season pass which includes 3 separate DLC packs available for free. (I was able to add the season pass to my origin account even without owning Titanfall so for what it's worth, if you ever think you might get the game...)...
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    It would take you...

    Neat site Link it to your steam account and it looks at your unfinished games then tells you how long it would take you to finish them. Wolfeman It would take you... 2408 continuous hours 100 days,8 hours,56 minutes of gameplay to complete your Steam library...
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    Update your wishlist please

    Several years ago I was very active in TF2 trading community. I never did paypal or get any real money out of it but I was able to put $250 in my steam wallet. However, trading started becoming more and more important to me. I started trying to make a profit on trades with Christians and...
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    Well this looks....

    I have never understood the fascination people have with watching other people play video games or with broadcasting their own gameplay but apparently it's big enough for Steam to get in on the action too. Steam is introducing a broadcasting service...
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    Too funny not to share

    Normally I avoid anything with the Osteen name on it but I really respect Bill Cosby and wanted to see how he responded to this. I think he uses humor to hit the nail dead on the head.
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    FREE: Adventures of Shuggy Get it while you can
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    Leftover bundle keys

    Here are some leftover keys I have from some old bundles. If you will play the game, enjoy! If you're not that interested in the game, please leave it for someone else. Crash Time 2 28RMD-66GXR-WDQI4 Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes 0Z43D-P358E-IVBAB Larva Mortus...
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    Steam summer sale is happening now

    Don't forget to click on the summer adventure map and join a team so you can win games off your wishlist! Damage so far Joe Danger (1, not 2) Archon
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    What can it be? Only 12 hours left...
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    My missionary endeavour

    I just want to clear up a little bit of confusion. May 27th was my last day at a regular job. My family and I are now on full time deputation. For the next year or so, we will be traveling from church to church and presenting our ministry and asking those churches to support us. Once we...
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    Gamespy and GFWL shutting down very soon

    Shutdown dates are Gamespy (May 31, 2014) and Games for Windows Live (July 1, 2014) No idea if this is a complete list but for at least a few of them there are some things that could help people get games working...