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  1. Tek7

    The role of forums in 2020?

    So I've been working through some thoughts on the subject of the changing role of forums in the current online culture. I was chatting with a fellow gamer we both agreed that the role that forums used to fill is now largely filled by Discord (for community) and reddit (for news with an optional...
  2. Tek7

    Happy New Year 2020!

  3. Tek7

    Recommendations for high-end headphones?

    So I tend to hoard my gift money. Come January or February, I plan to buy a bicycle and a nice pair of headphones. I already have good-enough Bluetooth headphones for working out and Klipsch in-ear monitors for miscellaneous purposes, but I want to buy a set of really nice headphones for...
  4. Tek7

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Please post your holiday greetings and share at least one thing you're thankful for. I thank God for this community of fellow believers who've been such an encouragement and so much fun as well. :)
  5. Tek7

    XenForo updated to 2.1.4, Omni style updated to 2.1.2

    As always, if you spot any issues with the forums after the upgrades, please post them about them here or join our Discord server and tell us there!
  6. Tek7

    Favorite screenshots from the last 20 years

    I'm looking through screenshots of years gone by and finding some great screenshots in the archive. I thought I'd share a few (or several, let's see how this goes) and ask you all to do the same. If you have any screenshots from the last 20 years of ToJ you'd like to share, please post them...
  7. Tek7

    Tribe of Judah 20th anniversary celebration AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    So I was reading up on the process for the IAmA (Ask Me Anything) sub-reddit and it sounded like a lot of work and I'm skeptical that redditors would have much interest in the leader of a Christian gaming group, even if said group has been around for 20 years. Instead of taking the AMA to...
  8. Tek7

    Tribe of Judah's 20th anniversary

    Tribe of Judah was founded May 20, 1999, which means that tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of ToJ. The month-long 20th anniversary celebration starts today and I would ask everyone to please pray that the event would be a blessing to many and, even more importantly, that God would use Tribe...
  9. Tek7

    Tribe of Judah 20th anniversary celebration (5/19/19-6/19/19)

    Good morning, all! Twenty years and one day ago, I posted to the forums seeking other Christian StarCraft players. Tribe of Judah was officially founded the next day (May 20, 1999). Tomorrow (Sunday, May 19, 2019), we'll start a month-long event to celebrate Tribe of Judah's 20th...
  10. Tek7

    My mother passed away earlier this week

    My mother passed away earlier this week. @Ember and I visited her the morning of the day she passed then received word of her passing shortly after driving back home. Please pray for me and for my dad in the days and weeks following her passing.
  11. Tek7

    Switch Friend Codes

    Post your Switch friend codes! Mine is SW-6361-8069-4516.
  12. Tek7

    Chill games

    What games do you all play to relax and unwind? Any recommendations on any platforms are welcome, but Android, PC, and Switch would be a priority for me.
  13. Tek7

    Pokemon Direct (2/27/19)

    Anyone else watch this morning's Pokemon Direct? Gen 8 Pokemon looks great, but I can't help but be disappointed that Game Freak stuck to random encounters after Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee opted for a "touch enemy to initiate battle" system.
  14. Tek7

    Guild activity February 2019

    Good evening, all! I just logged in to GW2 with Pighnt after a long, long time away and noticed that we still had a few folks online and representing LoE. Would you all be interested in keeping this forum online? If so, I can help tidy it up and maybe update some info. If not, I can archive...
  15. Tek7

    Apex Legends

    Anyone else planning to play Apex Legends? I have it installed and I played the tutorial, but that's about it so far. If you play, post a reply here (and, if you'd like, please post in the Origin user IDs thread in CGA General as well).
  16. Tek7

    Archiving inactive forums February 2019

    Good evening, all! Your friendly neighborhood forums moderator (and President) here. I'm planning to tidy up our forums a bit by archiving any forums that haven't been used in a few months. Please note that I am NOT deleting any forums or posts. If anyone at any time wants any forums...
  17. Tek7

    Origin user IDs

    Please post your Origin user IDs and, if you'd like, which games you play. My Origin ID is Tek70x7. I plan on trying Apex Legends out once the 21GB install finishes. Oof.
  18. Tek7

    Planned downtime starting Feb. 17, 2019 at 6 p.m. Central (7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m Pacific)

    @Hescominsoon plans to perform maintenance on the server on which the CGA Forums are hosted next Sunday (2/17) starting at 7 p.m Central (8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific). I plan to switch the forums in to maintenance mode (which means no new posts) approximately one hour prior at 6 p.m. Central...
  19. Tek7

    Phone shopping Q1 2019

    I bought a Nexus 6 a little over 3 years ago and it's been a fantastic phone (except for the few occasions when it hasn't). I'm considering buying a replacement, but one of my top picks, the Nokia 8.1, is not for sale in the US yet. Other top picks such as the Pixel 2 XL are way too expensive...
  20. Tek7

    XenForo and Omni style updated to 2.1

    Forums and purchased style updated! If you see issues, please post 'em here. Here's a list of some of the improvements in XenForo 2.1: