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  1. Genesis1315

    Can I tell you...

    What an awesome God we serve!!!! He is truly beyond words
  2. Genesis1315

    In time for Wintersday

    I have a new character. I deleted my Necro because I wasn't really happy with her and created Damaarah Avayathyn so if you see Damaarah running around, 'tis me :) I can't wait for tomorrow. Been looking forward to Wintersday all month
  3. Genesis1315

    GFC Proverbs Chapter a day Challenge (December)

    How many times have I seen this since I started reading Proverbs on a regular basis (I will copy this over to the new thread once it is created
  4. Genesis1315

    An Open Response to the Administrators on Reading Private Threads

    In response to Tek's post on the forums Administrator reading private threads, in all honesty, it is really none of your business what is posted in private thread of any affiliate or in private CGA sections. Those forums were set up as private for a specific reason and to discuss matters that...
  5. Genesis1315

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Time for Custom Christmas Maps on Source?

    Are we setting up a Christmas Source server?
  6. Genesis1315

    Happy Birthday Hescominsoon

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Many happy returns. Congrats on your 29th b-day...only 1 more year to go. I would sing, but out of fear of loosing members, I will leave it at this.
  7. Genesis1315

    Happy Birthday HCS!!!!

    I had to add more exclamation points because I think I have posted something like this before, probably about a year ago. Happy Birthday Love you Gen
  8. Genesis1315

    Remember 9/11

    Do you remember what you were doing 8 years ago today? Did you learn anything that impacted your life because of the 9/11 attacks?
  9. Genesis1315

    Prayers for HCS

    Well, it's HCS' turn for some health issues. Please keep him in your prayers. At this time we are not sure what is going on, but the doctors have run a bunch of tests and we will hear back next week.
  10. Genesis1315

    Thank you God

    ...for Birthday Cakes
  11. Genesis1315


    It looks like I am going to need surgery for my gallbladder. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank Gen
  12. Genesis1315

    They say it's your birthday

    Happy First Birthday young Dragonfly!!! It has been an awesome year. Love, Mommy
  13. Genesis1315

    GW This Saturday

    I am going to try really hard to play this Saturday. I should be online around 8:30pm EDT. If anyone is available, it would be great to meet up and play for a while. (I am going to work hard today to get the house clean so I can have fun this eekend)
  14. Genesis1315

    Prayer request for Wednesday

    Please see the link below:
  15. Genesis1315

    Last Minute Prayer Request

    ***Mods*** Please feel free to move this after tomorrow, but I am running late on getting this up and really feel compelled to ask for some major prayer cover Hi tomorrow, I will be going before the State's General Assembly to testify on a few bills that may become law. I am very nervous...
  16. Genesis1315

    Question from the Campaigns

    Why do we need a national health care system? Why, when I purchase a home within my means, and have kept up on the payments, am I not receiving cash incentives or tax credits for being a responsible member of society? Why do people think that writing in a candidate is throwing away a vote...
  17. Genesis1315

    Happy Birthday HCS!!!

    Many Happy Returns Gen
  18. Genesis1315


    Do we still have a TS server?
  19. Genesis1315

    Happy Birthday Baby Pie

    Many Happy Returns. Gen
  20. Genesis1315

    Baby Update

    Since it has been a while since I have posted anything, I figured I should give a general update since I only have three months left to go. Chloe is growing normally according to the doctors. It appears her favorite music is HCS's cell phone ring tone. Either that or she really does not...