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    Half life 2

    I can't believe there's nothing on HL2 yet. I'd better start one. I bought silver edition (which worked out to be about $81 australian) cheap for a new game. ive finished Hl2 and Condition zero now. I've headed into Cz deleted scenes. So far i like it the best out of all the half life...
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    Half life 2

    Well i finished it yesterday. It was everything i'd hoped for. Now i have to finish the dl for Condition Zero, Half life source etc. My old direct x 7.1 card handled it with flying colours i think. LOL. i'll be upgrading that soon! As well as my processor to something 2800ish + amd (currently...
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    Recently i heard of a game from E3 called snowblind. I have been told that it's going to be the next big thing. that unfortunately because HL2 has taken so long to come out, it's missed it's window to wow the world. ie if it came out last year, it would have done it NP. But apprently snowblind...
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    Leaders are readers

    I've heard it said that leaders are readers. I guess that's simply becuase they have a thirst for knowledge. So what have you been reading lately. I'm reading 'you the leader' by phil pringle. powerplays by tom clancy 0-130 properties in 3.5 years ( can't remember the author) keys to...
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    When did you last play CS on the TOJ servers

    Im a nut for NS. but i love to jump on the CS server all the way over in the great USA from australia and my 300+ ping just to see who's on? What are they like etc. I saw elihu today for the first time. He died jumping around changing a clip when it 'looked' safe. Doh So i was on today for a...
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    cl flush entity packet error

    I'm having problems with my hl connection. Ages ago i had the same problem, did some reading, made some changes and everything was fixed. Unfortunately i havne't found anything as effective this time around. also Managing the netgraph, what does it mean, and what do you increase etc to...
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    I think goose has the scariest avatar i've seen. the photo's of his computer set up are sweet, yet he is not. HA seriously it makes me laugh, i took someone to his homepage once just to scare them. what does that caped crusader really look like under all that makeup??? One day i'll be...
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    Ns Combat

    Finally i got Brak to make NS work on steam!!! How good is the new 1.4 NS. I have heard about ns combat before, (and only played one map) but it was different and good. You don't have to build all your upgrades. It's experienced based. the idea is that regular ns is a bit complex, so learn...
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    Are you serving?

    Hey how are ya's doing. I know there are so many of us in the CGA. Recently we had a state conference here is Australia and one of the preachers made a great statement. They said that too much people focus on 'their ministry' and 'their calling'. It's all self. What we should be asking is...
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    NS version 2.0 release date

    I read yeasterday that the new version of Natural selection. It was to be 1.1 and is now called 2.0 since theyve changed everything. It's being released on the 31st JULY 2003. I can't wait. If you want to look for yourself go knock yourself out sealcomm
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    Computer extras

    I love add ons to my system.. I have a Nostromo game controller by belkin. The n50. The reason why is because it's comfortable. After a few hours on any fps and you wrist is stuffed. I also just got the Nostromo mouse. n30 It has a pretty cool side button, and it vibrates. Like a shock...
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    Lessons on how to make you postings look cool

    Ok I'm not much online with message boards. In here and the cga is about the only places i go..... i just 'have to play' games mostly.... How about a reference area on how to get things looking good. like how to have a graphic with your id. how to put links in to other sites and pictures you...
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    Computers and bits

    Hey Recently my computer died, but it was under warrantee. yey:D So now i have a new motherboard and processor, and im pretty stoked about it.... When i got my new machine back there was all this cool new stuff!!! 3 fire wire ports (now i need something that uses it), 6 usb (old one had...
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    Where are we up to?

    Hey guys Originally i started the bible program in alternate. Bummer. before the pole was finished. so today i resigned up in chronological. Where are we up to? So i can catch up.... loooots of reading. by the way kidan and ssquared. You guys are legends... ToJ rocks my world sealcomm
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    Hey Guys I was sitting reading genesis last night doind sums in column here's some interseting thoughts. Noahs father was alive when adam died. So noah was the first generation NOT to physically know adam, yet his father would have imparted anything to him he needed to know. Also this...
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    Natural selection (aliens the movie come to life!

    Hey people if you like half life mods like I do, then NS (natural selection is for you) You play as either an alien or a marine. The game is played like starcraft from a first person view. THere are resource points that you need to upgrade. (and if you are an alien, evolve into something...