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  1. Cryøgenic

    Anyone want to start World of Warcraft? $35 for a 3 month sub with full game.

    That's a great deal. If I still played WoW I would be very tempted.
  2. Cryøgenic

    Anyone want to start World of Warcraft? $35 for a 3 month sub with full game.

    Someone could totally recruit themselves and get the bonus prizes. Are they still giving away the 2 person rocket?
  3. Cryøgenic

    Looking for a Wildstar friend key!

    I'm still looking for a beta key if anyone has one they would like to share :)
  4. Cryøgenic

    Looking for a Wildstar friend key!

    It's Monday! WildStar beta invites go out today again!
  5. Cryøgenic

    Looking for a Wildstar friend key!

    @ewoksrule Flame was just mean to me. You should give that friend key to me instead :p If anyone else has a key they aren't using and want to give it to me first I can taunt Flame with it. I will even send you the screenies of said taunting.
  6. Cryøgenic

    Anyone giving Diablo 3 guest passes?

    I would be interested in a guest pass if someone has an extra laying around :)
  7. Cryøgenic

    Co-GL Election Time! - Nominations

    Nominations closed on the 15th according to the original post and finalized on the 18th, so those are all set it would seem. Voting ends on the 28th, but I haven't seen the candidate posts yet on why they should be voted for.
  8. Cryøgenic

    MoP Changes

    This is a similar loot system that SWTOR said they were going to use earlier in their development. They didn't use it for some reason, but I thought it was a good idea. It should be a good anti-ninja system, especially if you can trade the piece to someone else if it gives you a piece of...
  9. Cryøgenic

    1.2 PTS Funzies

    You won't get the title until 1.2 goes live.
  10. Cryøgenic

    The Forum Ban Game!

    /Banned for not noting that "elderberries" was said in an outrageous French accent.
  11. Cryøgenic

    The Forum Ban Game!

    /banned for not having more podcasts to entertain me
  12. Cryøgenic

    We should all be aware of this

    I only opened this thread because I thought it was going to be info on how to get free cupcakes. I am disappoint.
  13. Cryøgenic

    1.2 PTS Funzies

    Yes, it should work just like the Founders title does.
  14. Cryøgenic

    1.2 PTS Funzies

    I wanted to drop a quick post for those that might be interested in helping with testing 1.2 1.2 is now on the public test server and you receive a title for leveling a toon to 10 and for finishing chapter 1. Not sure what the titles are but you get them when 1.2 goes live. The more people...
  15. Cryøgenic


    ToeJam and Earl could bring da funk, straight from planet Funkotron.
  16. Cryøgenic

    LF Flashpoint Group (tonight)

    Even if boarding party is too low to give exp you will want to do it. You still get legacy xp I think and you have to do it at least once to be able to do foundry on HM. I would be up for this tonight but I have to work late. Have fun tho. Hope you get some good lewtz!
  17. Cryøgenic

    Massive exploit! Thousands have used, SWTOR economy ruined, what will Bioware's do?

    I never find out about the good bugs until its too late... :p The economy is kinda crazy right now anyway. I see price differences on the GTN of several thousand credits on the same item. Honestly I doubt there will be bans, at least not for everyone who used the exploit. If entire guilds...
  18. Cryøgenic

    CfD - What Crafting Skill are you taking?

    My armormech is 400 if anyone wants stuff made just let me know. BYOM tho. Bring your own mats. I might be able to help with some mats if I have them but I used a lot trying to RE to get better patterns.
  19. Cryøgenic

    Slicing nerfed!

    Actually I would be cool with slicing getting rebuffed as long as they buffed the other crew skills to be almost on par. The crafting crew skills are very weak in my opinion. I have only been making very slight upgrades to the custom gear I have. With badge gear and mods Armormech has been...
  20. Cryøgenic

    Level 50

    Gratz Grim! Is lv 50 super awesome? Did you get free cake?