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    Players with custom icons

    sweet sealcomm
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    Scriptures on a game server?

    love the idea of scriptures on there, but if it's blocking people won't like it. Need a good balance. sealcomm
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    cluelesss phasetim

    choose either marines or aliens. In ns maps If your a marine, DON"T ever get in the comm chair. That is really for experienced players only. Fire up your own game one day and have a look in there. Grab wepons and go where you are told. If you don't play as a team as a rine, it's over for the...
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    Half life 2

    I can't believe there's nothing on HL2 yet. I'd better start one. I bought silver edition (which worked out to be about $81 australian) cheap for a new game. ive finished Hl2 and Condition zero now. I've headed into Cz deleted scenes. So far i like it the best out of all the half life...
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    Favorite Natural Selection servers listing

    the latest server that i jump on are called aant. Theyre an aussie server and they run a custom map pack. It's very sweet. (ever played DUST in NS, well it's better than cs, with the changes theyve made) later sealcomm
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    Half life 2

    Well i finished it yesterday. It was everything i'd hoped for. Now i have to finish the dl for Condition Zero, Half life source etc. My old direct x 7.1 card handled it with flying colours i think. LOL. i'll be upgrading that soon! As well as my processor to something 2800ish + amd (currently...
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    Saying Goodbye

    I will miss your input. It's been great having you. sealcomm
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    Creationism: Right or Wrong?

    beware of 'christians' and their stories. there's a hint for life. The biblical account of creation is not written in poetic language. So it's not open for 'story' time. check out the web sites answers in genesis etc. they have lots of great, informed, scientific information, from a biblical...
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    I am dl it

    combat maps also remove the 'bad' comms from the game. it's great for building up your skills to then use in a real match sealcomm
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    What games are you looking forward to?

    well im looking forward to HL2. except now it's like im looking backward, as it was due out when? 9600xt days.... think we missed it by a coupla generations of video card. Also looking forward to Aliens V's predator (movie) as well as The Hero. MAN that looks like a good movie. i'm also...
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    Competitive CS team

    what topic La la laaa sealcomm
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    You can imagine the demands on bandwidth the day its released. you may find it making some kind of record for slowing things down... LOL. Pipeline to australia suffers lag due to game fanatics downloads?? (there's only one pipeline to Australia apparently... so they are trying to get ahead of...
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    Hello Everybody

    yea? great to have you, make yourself at home sealcomm
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    Concerning Hell

    yea/ i know that words change, and its always good practice to look biblically at what was said, at the time it was said to the people it was said to. that way you can understand what it would mean to us today. does that make sense?? *L* sealcomm
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    Need suggestions on Computer Case...

    I put together all our church machines lately. (built/rebuilt 3in the last 3 months). With the new motherboards make sure it's giga bit lan. Paired memory in paired memory slots is definitly worth the investment. Make sure you have more power than necessary. If you end up striping your HDD's...
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    Murder VS Killing

    i agree that death (period is not cool.) If i had the choice, murder or killing wouldn't be on my agenda. Then again, real life always plays havoc with theological bliss. the reality is there will always be wars, and rumours of wars until Jesus' return. Personally murder, should never be done...
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    i'm on fire!!!

    yup. How much do we need to do that everyday. Yet somehow there's 'that' distraction. Whatever it is. the devil doesn't care, as long as it gets your attention. Its amazing how many people don't get to church as well because of the circumstances. ( or a youth camp, or a small group) as long as...
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    I am dl it

    once you start you wont look back..... sealcomm
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    whats up with starcraft

    we got a lan on this weekend, i might try to pull star craft out on them.... sealcomm
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    Sense of Adventure

    its not released in oz yet. I'll have to pass the link on to some of my buddies who are going to get it. sealcomm