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  1. Proudfoot

    Mists of Pandaria Beta has begun!!!

    Didn't get an invite yet, but watching some streaming beta. I'm soo excited!
  2. Proudfoot

    Question about raiding with Redeemed

    I've seen that you guys raid Mon/Wed/Friday but Monday is the only day my schedule would allow. My question is, If Wulf and I decided to raid with Redeemed again would we be welcome? Do you need more people to show up on Mondays? What content is typically done on Mondays? What roles do...
  3. Proudfoot


    So, I've been trying to figure out why Marines in SC2 seem so much better than they were in SC:BW. Differences BW : SC2 Health = 40 : 45 (55 w/combat shield) Range = 4 (5) : 5 Attack cooldown in seconds = .8333 : .8608 Build time 24 : 25 (x2 w/reactor)...
  4. Proudfoot


    RETRIBUTION! I felt that I should finally make a Ret guide. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. I’m stealing Piano’s format for simplicity. This is a PVE guide. Ret offers some fantastic raid buffs but really you should be brought for your ability to CRUSH FACES! Here's the list if you...
  5. Proudfoot

    Pics of Saurfang??

    Where are they? Did we even take any?
  6. Proudfoot

    Where do geeks go to work out?

    I took this picture a few blocks from my house. I was driving by and couldn't help but laugh.
  7. Proudfoot

    Cakes of win

    I think I know what I want for my birthday :) WOW CAKES
  8. Proudfoot

    Hybrid Vs. Pure DPS

    We had a great debate tonight about whether or not hybrid classes should be able to compete with "pure" DPS classes like rogues, mages, locks, and hunters. I will say that I think pure classes should do slightly more damage than hybrids but only because they bring less utility (some more than...
  9. Proudfoot

    How much do we hate our fellow man?

    Powerful video that makes you think about sharing your faith. This guy is an atheist but he says some poignant things about Christians who don't share their faith.
  10. Proudfoot

    Class changes coming in 3.1

    Reposting from MMO-Champion. I'll continue to update this post *Edit* Added the rest of the classes
  11. Proudfoot

    Sapphiron Down

    Saphiron gets <Redeemed> Anyone Recognize the music? One of my favorite bands *EDIT* updated link
  12. Proudfoot

    Reduced playtime

    Just wanted to let you guys know that Saturday was basically my last day playing WoW full time. I'm separating from the AF in 2 months and I haven't found a job yet. I needed to force myself to start taking my job hunt seriously and so I'll be cutting back to 1 day a week (IF I make some good...
  13. Proudfoot

    BM hunters get nerfed, news at 11:00

    Upcoming Hunter changes To some extent all hunters are getting a nerf but mostly BM since they were doing "too much damage in PvE".
  14. Proudfoot

    Ret paladin comedy

    Calgan Rerolls a Ret Paladin - I found this Hilarious. And this... Kalgan gets crazy about Shaman and Paladin Buffs(This one has a lot of cursing, text only, unless you know... german?)
  15. Proudfoot

    WotLK BETA out - Full talent trees

    The NDA has been lifted :) Main Classes PALADIN CHANGES! Hunters Gooood stuff. I'm loving the Paladin talents and I know someone named Julienne will be very happy with the direction Blizzard has chosen. The "Hybrid" spec is once again viable. Here come the shockadins. Offspecs will...
  16. Proudfoot

    Talent leaks for WotLK

    Linky The links at the top will show you all of the current alpha talents... crazy stuff. Paladins and hunters are the only classes without new talents yet.
  17. Proudfoot

    Ret Paladins please read

    Fellow Ret paladins, In the past I've tried to give advice and tips where and when people ask for them but it seems that may not have been enough. I try not to give advice to anyone unless it is first asked for because in my past guild I've seen people get very angry when people comment on a...
  18. Proudfoot

    Test realm patch notes 2.4

    Quote from Blizzard staff Druid Lifebloom: the healing coefficient has been reduced. This spell will no longer cause error messages when interacting with Spellsteal or while the Druid is under the effects of a Mind Control. Nurturing Instinct increases your healing spells by up to...
  19. Proudfoot


    Hey all, I just wanted to talk about the strategy for Leo and some things that I saw that we could improve on. Obviously the FR gear was a good part of the reason we couldn't take him down monday but the main thing I saw was all the melee getting hit by the whirlwind. Only the main tank should...
  20. Proudfoot

    Raiding reqirements

    Someone was asking about raiding requirements last night and it took me some digging to find them so I thought I'd post them here again. You can find the links in this post... I hope the requirements are still the same and I'm not giving...